Ana Bárbara spoke about the time she was unfaithful to one of her partners

“The body betrayed me” was how the singer expressed herself

“The body betrayed me”, this is how Ana Bárbara spoke about the time she was unfaithful to one of her partners Ana Bárbara has had several bitter drinks in her life, including her exams, because not only has she had some toxic and destructive relationships, the The singer also acknowledged that she had been unfaithful on occasion after a partner betrayed her, but now she knows that this was an act that is not correct.

“I broke the windows of an ex-boyfriend’s car, really, so they can see that we all have the right to improve our lives. He lied to me and I caught him cheating on me with another, it was the only one I did with knowledge of the horns, that’s how I saw them drawn, ”said the singer during Karla Díaz’s YouTube program.

About this moment and without revealing names, he added that to retamar he wanted to pay him with the same coin and ended up being unfaithful, although he acknowledged that this was not the best decision he had made.

“That was not me, it was the body that betrayed me, at the time it was a revenge but it’s still not right, we would have thundered, I would have been more loyal to me, not to him because I am very loyal to me, I have tried to work my loyalties.”

The former critic of The Academy recalled that after this situation, her then heartthrob apologized, but it was too late because the pain was so great that she still felt as if she had a dagger in her heart.

“Then I took out the Paquita la del Barrio thing, ‘whoever cheats on me, I cheat, whoever hits me, I hit, whoever uses me, I use it, whoever loves me, I love him, whoever takes care of me, I take care of him and so we are equal”.

Fortunately, that is in the past and now the interpreter of “Bandido” has a beautiful and stable relationship with a man named Ángel, with whom she is even engaged and with plans to reach the altar soon.