Ana Brenda Contreras gets married: Zacarías Melhem gave her an engagement ring

A brief message confirmed that Ana Brenda Contreras will walk towards the altar to unite her life with the businessman Zacarías Melhem.

The actress published an emotional image where they look embraced and an engagement ring shines.

“The best is happening. We said yes,” she wrote alongside a ring emoji.

Celebrities like Sherlyn, Zuria Vega, Julián Gil, Jacky Bracamontes and Angelique Boyer wished their colleague the best. “I adore you and wish the best of the best always,” Angelique wrote.

After confirming her engagement, Ana Brenda shared a selfie from Spain with her future husband.

Little is known about their romance, but the first photograph in which they appeared together on social networks was published by Ana Brenda in November 2020.

The lucky man is the brother of his best friend, Daniela Melhem. According to the magazine ¡HOLA!, “apparently, both coincided at the baptism of Daniela’s daughter in 2017, but at that time Ana Brenda was in a relationship with the also actor, Iván Sánchez”.

On November 9, she congratulates him on his birthday and shares the occasional image with him, but they really aren’t the type of celebrity couples who post everything they do together.

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