“Ana Ferro wanted to get money from Fernando del Solar and treated him badly”

A year ago Fernando died. On the left, Ingrid Coronado


Ana Ferro was the last partner of Fernando del Solar. They lived together in a house in Cuernavaca that is now claimed by Fernando’s ex-wife, Ingrid Coronado.

Del Solar died a year ago from cancer, which he managed to survive for several years and was diagnosed with when he was still married to Ingrid.

After the divorce, and when Fernando was dealing with the disease, Ana Ferro appeared in his life and very soon won his heart. Since 2016 they became one who not only shared a romantic life, but also raised a transformation workshop project, which took advantage of Fernando’s skills as a motivator and Ana as a therapist.

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With the death of Del Solar, however, a clash occurred between Ingrid Coronado and Ana Ferro over some assets that, Ingrid assures, Ana has refused to hand over and that are part of the inheritance that Fernando left his children.

Ferro has denied the accusation but now that one year has passed since the driver’s death, the version of a domestic worker who lived with them for a year has emerged and who assures that the therapist treated Fernando badly and wanted to take advantage of him.

“One day he came and took the plate from him,” said Ángeles, who attended a mass organized by some friends for Fernando del Solar and in which she was interviewed by reporters from Imagen Televisión.

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She said that one Christmas, she arrived at the house just as Ana was talking to one of her children on the phone and that she heard him say: “get the most out of it that you can”.

“At that moment she removed the speaker because she realized that I was there and what I did was go to the kitchen.”

Ángeles says that she decided to resign so as not to see the mistreatment of Del Solar anymore and that after leaving the house she could no longer communicate with him because Ana controlled everything, from visits to phone calls.

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