Ana Gabriel is in mourning: “I will love you for the rest of my life”

The family of Ana Gabriel took a hard hit this week, with the unexpected death of Carlos Araujo, brother of the legendary singer.

Through his Instagram account, he made his followers share the sad news, and shared a photograph of the deceased.

“I share with you the pain of the recent loss of my Brother Carlos Araujo, which took the whole family by surprise, I want to tell my sister-in-law, nephews and the whole family in general, that we join our prayers so that he will soon reach the I meet our father God. DEP my beloved brother. I will love you for the rest of my life, now you are in another dimension, “wrote Ana Gabriel.

A few days before, Ana Gabriel showed that she believes in the power of prayer, as she dedicated a publication for the speedy recovery of Carmen Salinas.

“Praying for the speedy recovery of our beloved and admired Carmen Salinas, let us all unite for her health and that soon we will have good news, let us lower the blessings of heaven,” he said.

This terrible moment in Ana Gabriel’s personal life contrasts with the magnificent professional moment she lived in early November, at the unveiling of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.