And if you rent a Tesla? Miami allows you to try it on your next trip

The popularity of the Tesla is an unstoppable phenomenon. (Business Insider)

If you haven’t driven a Tesla before, your next visit to Miami It could be your great opportunity to test how well the popular high-tech electric vehicle. Since 2020, the main car rental companies have increased the percentage of these cars in their fleets, in what is expected to be a more general trend in the world. Now it is easier than ever to land at the city’s international airport and leave driving the modern car of Elon Musk.

Smart technologies make navigating the Tesla an adventure.  (REUTERS/Mike Blake)
Smart technologies make navigating the Tesla an adventure. (REUTERS/Mike Blake) (MIKE BLAKE/)

Every first experience with a new technology has its surprises. For a better enjoyment it is necessary to take into account some things.

Leasing a Tesla is usually a bit more expensive than leasing a combustion engine car, but this is a loss that is easily recouped by the savings of not having to fill up the tank. The first thing you should know when renting a car is that they will make a hold on your credit card, which will then be returned to you. The amount varies by company, but is around $200.

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Once you have rented the Tesla, an employee will walk you through the basic operation of the Tesla. You need to pay close attention, as this car is very different. You don’t want to start out having to search for a tutorial on Youtube on how to start it.

The most popular of electric vehicles takes advantage of smart technologies to provide unsurpassed navigation. But it is precisely these technologies that can confuse you if you are an inexperienced driver in them.

tesla chargers
Although not yet perfectly comprehensive, the Tesla charger network continues to grow.

Something else to keep in mind is how to keep the battery charged. The range of a Tesla is about 250 miles (400 kilometers), but this varies depending on the incline of the surfaces you roll on, acceleration, and ambient temperature, among other factors. If it is stressful to see how the charge percentage of your mobile drops, imagine what it would be like if that happened to you with a car in a place you do not know. Fortunately, Tesla has a network of charging stations in large urban centers and tourist areas.

In addition, there are networks of private companies. Likewise, many hotels have chargers. Even some supermarkets have a couple of places reserved for electric cars in their parking lots with stations for you to charge the battery while you do your shopping.

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If you are in a rural area, you should be more careful because it is difficult to find a charging point. It is best to schedule the trip in advance. Tesla offers a tool to see where there are charging stations along your route. There are also apps like PlugShare, A Better Routeplanner, ChargeHub Y Open Charge Map. Finally, Google Maps allows you to filter by charging stations.


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