And Karely Ruiz? Santa Fe Klan was seen with one of its dancers in Las Vegas

Has the Santa Fe Klan already forgotten about Karely Ruiz?


Karely Ruiz would be part of the Santa Fe Klan’s past, who would have already surpassed her with one of her dancers

Karely Ruiz and Santa Fe Klan were in the sights of all their followers, after a few months ago they had a passionate kiss on the stage of MacroFest 2023 and later, they held a intimate video on an adult content platform. Now, everything indicates that the rapper has already forgotten her.

This weekend, Santa Fe Klan was caught with a new woman during Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez’s boxing match against Jermell Charlo, where he had the opportunity to sing the song ‘Por mi México’ and accompany the boxer to the ring.

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Santa Fe Klan forgets about Karely Ruiz

Ángel Quezada, better known as Santa Fe Klan, He was seen during the fight in Las Vegas with one of his dancerswho is named after Melisa Obregon and caught the attention of social media users.

It is known that the young dancer has worked with the rapper on numerous occasions, accompanying him in his presentations and music videos, which is why they began an alleged love relationship a few months ago.

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Melisa Obregón, the beautiful dancer who would be in an affair with the Santa Fe Klan


However, neither Melisa nor Santa Fe Klan have confirmed the alleged courtship, nor is it known with certainty when they would have started dating outside of work, although the rapper’s fans believe that everything would have started during the video clip of the song ‘Something else’which premiered last July 28.

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