Andrea Bocelli divides comments for the cost of his tickets

The cost of tickets to Mexico City ranges from 6,990 to 16,391.80 pesos.

After the tenor Andrea Bocelli announced a series of concerts in Mexico, as part of his “Believe World” tour, Internet users were surprised due to the high price of tickets, since they reach 30,000 pesos per unit. being inaccessible to many.

It was for this reason that through social networks, many complained and made memes referring to the price for each ticket, although many others came to the defense of the famous, assuring that it would be worth it for the guests who will be on each date.

It should be noted that in addition to the guests María Aleida, the dancers Paul Barris and Britanny O’Connor and the violinist Caroline Campbell, the Bocelli concert experience goes beyond the musical, as there will be a tasting of the artist’s brand wine by an extra cost.

Although several international media report that just bringing Andrea Bocelli would cost 35 million pesos, due to the expensive production of the event, which promises to be spectacular, Internet users are not entirely convinced to purchase the tickets, as there are still many available.