Andrea Bursten’s production, natural beauty

Andrea Bursten, gorgeous at 42, posed in an intimate photo production of Planeta Urbano 162 (PABLO # FRANCO /)

Top model from the 90s, it woman eternal and successful gastronomic businesswoman. Andrea Bursten made a production of natural photos, in an intimate and deep look at his new life.

“Fede” It is the first thing that is read under her left wrist in tribute to her husband Federico Ribero. Andrea was reborn, reinvented herself, began plugging holes, solving the day to day and today, two years after the physical disappearance of her husband, she is approaching fullness. “The pain is there, it will always be”.

Today, at the helm of the eight restaurants that her husband left her together with his partner Willy Reinwick and with Salvador – the new gastronomic boom of Paseo Alcorta – as a personal undertaking, Andrea is a hurricane that nothing stops him. “Yes, I had to take over my husband’s business. And luckily, because the work is doing very well. Having a busy head, feeling useful and seeing that you can get ahead helps you,” he reflected in an interview for El Planeta Urbano .

  Urban Planet 162
Urban Planet 162 (PABLO # FRANCO /)

-How is your routine now?

-I just moved to the center, which helps me to be close to home, children and work. Before I was in our house in Tortugas, but I needed a change.

-For a work or personal issue?

-Both. He needed to be close to work, because he spent a lot of time in the car, with odd hours, so it was not ideal. Later, also for a personal matter, I was considering the idea, until I found the perfect apartment and moved, very recently. He needed to make the change, in every way. It was to say: “We started again, let’s go this way.” And I’m happy with that.

-How was your return to the labor and social world?

-I encountered many challenges, changes and problems. But at one point even the problems, and facing them, it is positive to get ahead. Movement, responsibility and contact with people help you move forward and connect with other things. If not, you get stuck.

-What do you like to do outside of work?

-I really like to travel, to know places; gastronomy in the world, I love that. I like art and cinema. But I don’t have too much time to spare. In gastronomy you have to work a lot, so between that and the boys I am a thousand.

-It is interesting to see how you did not stop in sadness and you got on the wave of your life. Was that a conscious decision or did it happen?

-It was happening. At the moment my husband passed away, I did not feel qualified to make too many decisions, so I began to take care of the daily, to solve the day to day. Today this, tomorrow the other, and so everything started to work. We got on well with my partner in managing the company, accepting my image with the people in the shopping malls … Everything happened, I didn’t plan it. If you tell me that I have strength and that I am moving forward, I will tell you yes, that is always the case.

-Do your children save you?

-My children are re-motors, they help me put batteries and grip on life. When you have the kids who need you, you don’t ask yourself so much about things, you go straight to solve everything that is necessary. I always go forward.

-Did you ever feel lonely?

– (thinks) The loneliness of not having my husband is present all the time. It will always be like that, and little by little you learn to live with it. In privacy, you do not have your partner, your support, your spine, the father of your children … But hey, in turn I was very accompanied, and that accompaniment helped me little by little to start making decisions, to make the post of work, moving, the boys, the daily.

-Does it bother you that journalism always asks you about Fede?

-It’s part of my life. I’m not going to deny what happened and I’m not going to stay in the same place my whole life. I need to move on.

-You learned?

-I learned to listen to myself more, to make my own decisions, not to be so aware of what others say. Now I learned to make my decisions and take charge. I look more confident about what I want and where I want to go.

“Do you have any resentment?”

-No. I had to stay in this place, fate wanted it to be that way. Sometimes I think I would give anything to see Fede again for two minutes, but you have to understand that there is no going back, that there is always the love you sowed, the love you had, your children.

– Are you to seduce a man?

– (He thinks) I don’t know if I’m up for that. Perhaps it amuses me more to be seduced. I am not closed to meeting someone. I am 42 years old and it would seem healthy at some point to rebuild my life, although it is not an issue. It is something that is going to happen at some point, when it has to happen. It is not that I am going to go out to find a boyfriend, that does not happen to me for now.

-Well, but they come looking for you …

-Some gentlemen call me, some boys, a little of everything (laughs).

-And what interests you more, gentlemen or boys?

-I don’t know if it happens because of age. I would like someone that I like, someone with whom I can project. That

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