Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín separate, “our love story has been transformed”

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin announced on February 22 that their “couple story has been transformed”, a decision they made in 2022, but which they barely make public, has announced the end of their relationship this Wednesday on social networks. Along with a video of the two walking hugging through Central Park, in New York “And from the deepest sincerity, respect and honesty, and because of the great love we have for each other, we will continue to love each other from another place.”

They met one night at Baby O’, a famous nightclub in Acapulco, when she was already presenting television programs and he was singing at Timbiriche. “My friends and I arrived at the disco. I see Rafael Villafañe, who is the owner of Baby and one of Erik’s best friends. He then yells at me: ‘Black, come. Sit here. How do you see that Erik says that you are going to be the mother of his children?’” Legarreta told one of his programs. And he continues: “Then I sit next to him at the table. My arm rubs against his arm, and well, he made me forget about my previous loves and my sadness. I felt that energy that goosebumps and goosebumps feel like.”

The singer and the presenter of Hoy shared a press release in which they explain the situation, which is accompanied by a short video where they are seen walking embraced.

» This is one of the most difficult and painful decisions that we have taken A few months have passed since we decided and we are calm and in acceptance. Today we do not know what will happen over time (nobody knows). Maybe we realize that it was not the right decision and life in one of its turns surprises us again… Meanwhile we ask for respect we deserve as individuals and family. Just as our history deserves. In love, infinite gratitude and peace. We will continue to live one day at a time and in the best way », she reads.

The actors confessed that the decision was made “More than five months ago”but this February 22 they decided to share it “with those who have accompanied us throughout our lives, in our careers, in our personal, couple and family history.”

“We are very lucky and blessed to have found each other and make a beautiful life together and live wonderful moments. We have grown, learned a lot and overcome very hard moments. And most valuable of all, is that we form a beautiful family, much better than the one we dream of with our daughters, Mía and Nina, who are our greatest treasures,” they say in the message.

Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubín will continue to be a family

Legarreta and Rubín explain that their “History as a couple has been transformed” and “because of the great love we have for each other, we will continue to love each other from another place.”

«Our love story continues as a family, as parents of our beloved daughters, who are what we love most in life and whom we are teaching that a couple separation, it is not a family separation. That it is not a lawsuit, there is nothing bad or shady and the only reason is the transformation of love as a couple, “they point out.

What will happen to the businesses they have in common?

During their almost 23 years of marriage, they created some businesses such as a gym, among others, for which they took the opportunity to clarify that everything will continue as before.

» We remain partners with our companies and have plans to work together in projects that we will share…And above all things, we continue to be a united family that loves, respects and supports each other, so that everyone is happy”.