Andrea Legarreta breaks the silence and sends a message to Anette Cuburu: “She is hating the wrong person”


After returning from a well-deserved family vacation and resuming live hosting of the HOY program, Andrea Legarreta broke the silence and faced the accusations and insults that she was subjected to by Anette Cuburu, who publicly expressed her hatred towards the host of the Morning of the Stars

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“No one has given me anything, since I was eight years old I started working at Televisa. I feel like she (Anette) is hating on the wrong person, what she thinks happened didn’t happen, I don’t care about anyone’s life. The only thing I wish for her is that she is well, I wish it from my heart, hating like that must be very strong.he expressed to the journalists who were outside Televisa San Ángel.

Andrea Legarreta clarified that she did not promote the gossip and rumor that Raúl Araiza had a relationship with Cuburu; She also denied having been unfaithful to Erik Rubín.

“I am a person like any other who has mistakes, who makes mistakes, but I am not breaking up the marriage, I wish her (Anette) the best, that she has love, emotional stability and that she has a beautiful life. He hates in an unfair way,” she said.

The actress was also emphatic in speaking from peace and without resentment. “I am not a dirty person who wishes bad things on people, I have what I have because of my job.”
“You have to be careful and connect with reason and good vibes.”.

Finally, Legarreta commented that Anette’s accusations do not affect her or her family. He assured that she has never done anything inappropriate for a job.