Andrea Legarreta reveals that there is a possibility of reconciliation with Erik Rubín

Andrea and Erik continue to work on their facet as a couple after two decades together.

After Erik Rubín wrote to Andrea Legarreta on her social networks: “I love you” on the occasion of her birthday, the host of the Hoy program confessed to us exclusively that there is a probability of a reconciliation!

“Yes, it is possible, it always is, because when nothing is certain, everything is possible; In the end, it is like that when you love so much, when you have lived so much with someone, when there have been pure beautiful things, and, obviously, differences, situations or wear, perhaps carelessness… but in the end I think that time puts everything where it belongs and we will see what’s going on…” he said.

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Andrea Legarreta reveals that there is a possibility of reconciliation with Erik Rubín



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Legarreta assured that today she and Erik are fine in every way, “as a family we are strong, and as life partners too.”

And although five months have passed since the couple announced that they had decided to separate, in all this time they have not stopped showing the respect they have, the deep affection that unites them and that they have never stopped loving.

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“Actually, they already know that there is love, we have said it from the beginning, it is hard for people to believe, but we are a family where there is a lot of love; between him and me as a couple, as friends, as family and life partners, there is a lot of love and I feel very blessed precisely for that, because in the end, over the years, you understand that what you need is peace, love and feeling stable emotionally, and if around you there are beings that make you feel that way, then you have to keep them; There have always been beautiful things between us… ”, he told TVyNovelas from the forum of the Hoy program, where on Wednesday, July 12, they celebrated his birthday.

Andrea Legarreta

Andrea Legarreta turned 52 years old and unlike many celebrities who do not like to say their age, that is what worries her the least, on the contrary: “It seems absurd to me that someone is embarrassed to say how old they are, I think that society is very bad in that sense, they want to offend you because of your age, they want to make you feel valuable because of your age… and in the end we are alive, I am not at all ashamed to say my years, on the contrary, with life as I have taken it, I feel proud and happy to reach this age and to have lived my life as I have lived it to this day,” she shared.

The host is in the best stage of her life and she herself told us why: “I think the best stage is to be alive, I feel very full, happy, mature, but also with that part that has always lived in me which is to enjoy life, to enjoy, to laugh, to dance… the best stage of human beings is to be alive”, he reiterated.

For her, the fact that her loved ones are well is the most important thing, so when she blew out the candles on her cake, she told us, she only asked for one thing: “Actually, health is what I always ask for, physical and spiritual health. and mentally, for me and for my people, for my loves… I am very happy, grateful, celebrating life at a time of many blessings, my parents, my brothers and my family are fine, my daughters, Erik, friends… and in the work is all good too, so there is a lot to be thankful for”, he concluded.