Andrés García responds to his son Leonardo: “I am selling my castle for whatever I want”

Andrés García was blunt when talking about his son Leonardo: “My Castle, my land, my properties; Leonardo is an asshole who doesn’t have to get involved in my business or talk, or argue to get publicity, that he learns to speak better.”

In statements to the journalist Hanzel Zárate, the Mexican actor responded to Leonardo, who made an accusation regarding his properties.

Leonardo García assures that the son of Margarita Portillo, Andrés’ current wife, sold the Castle for just one million pesos. Leonardo assures that the property is valued at 60 million.

Andrés García decided to answer: “I sell my land in what I want or buy what I want and I don’t have to give explanations to any asshole like Leonardo.”

The Mexican actor accepted that the property had already been sold and that, in fact, he decided to give it to Andrés López Portillo. “He deserves it because he is the only one who has helped him…the only thing Leonardo has done is publicize himself.”

Maragrita Portillo is currently in charge of the care of Andrés García, who suffers from cirrhosis and, according to an exclusive published in TVyNovelas magazine last week, has an addiction problem.

Leonardo assures that he has no interest in his father’s property but he insinuated that he is not well cared for at Margarita’s house.