Andrés García supports Margarita Portillo

A weak Andrés García appeared to talk about his children’s scandal with his current partner; “It is thanks to her that I am alive.”

Andrés García reappeared from bed to talk about issues such as his health, his use of drugs, criticism of Margarita Portillo and, likewise, the issue of his children, with whom he has little communication.

In statements for the accounts of Hazel Zárate, Andrés García assured: “there I take it, I want to think that I am recovering a little, I want to think.”

Regarding the statements about the criticism that Leonardo García has made towards his partner, Margarita Portillo, García described them as referring: “those are pnajds».

«Margarita has not been more than my salvation; Margarita and Andrecito —Margarita’s son— are the ones who have saved me, I only have to thank them because they did care about me».

“Thanks to them I am alive,” says the actor.

Regarding the use of drugs, Andrés García assured that Margarita was not any kind of promoter, but rather the contrary; she has always been against its use.

“Margarita has always been against the use of drugs,” he said. “I entertained myself (with drugs), because I left it a long time ago, but Margarita has always been against that,” she clarifies.

“It’s not that I get into drugs so much, but I had a time when, from time to time, I had my blowouts with everyone,” says the actor.

Speaking about the issue that his children want to ask for custody to take care of him since they are worried about him, Andrés García was blunt and assured that he is not interested in leaving where he is.

He also clarified that they have covered their medical needs in recent years.