Andrés García’s health worsens; need blood transfusions

The health of Andrés García is giving something to talk about once again, since it has been revealed that the famous man has needed blood transfusions for months.

For a few months now, the health of Andrés García has been a recurring topic in the information spaces, as it seems to be getting worse every day, and the recent controversies between his family have not entirely helped the ex-galan of Mexican cinema, who is currently worrying his fans.

And it is that the famous suffers from cirrhosis of the liver, which is why his life is governed between going to the hospital and the care of his current wife, Margarita Portillo, despite the fact that this has angered his sons Andrés Jr and Leonardo, because there is talk that they are fighting over his father’s inheritance.

Even his show business friends are concerned about the health of the first actor, for which Anahí has ​​visited him in an emotional reunion, since both have always gotten along in a good way.

Despite the fact that Anahí’s visit has helped in the state of mind and the recovery process of the actor, recently his wife Margarita Portillo spoke for Ventaneando, where she revealed more details of the ills that afflict the first actor, for which she surprised everyone by say that the famous need blood transfusions for months.

“Andrés is better than how he was before the New Year, on December 27 it was finally achieved, he urgently needed another blood and we had not been able to get it and it was with the help of Anahí who really pushed and put a lot of effort to get it” Portillo said.

Likewise, Andrés García’s wife thanked Anahí, because the actress is helping in everything she can so that the actor’s state of health improves, since she has always been willing to help the Dominican’s recovery.

«Anahí continues to help me, I also had the pleasure of meeting her husband, Senator Manuel Velasco, who really is a person, I am surprised at the kind of human being he is, because his kindness emanates, his empathy, everything has come together. done with their support, I have received a lot of help, even emotional help, because knowing that Anahí is on the lookout, she asks me how she is and all that.”