Andrés García’s widow is criticized for using the actor’s Instagram account: “Let him rest now”

Margarita Portillo was with Andrés García until her last breath

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andres garcia He died on April 4 of this year, leaving a deep void in his followers, after he stole the hearts of the public for the movies and soap operas he made throughout his career. Almost four months have passed since his death and the name of his widow, Margarita PortilloIt’s still a topic of conversation.

In recent weeks, the official Instagram account of Andrés García has been very active, because Margarita has been publishing different photographs and videos to remember the actor from ‘Deceived Women’, ‘The Privilege of Loving’ and ‘The Body of Desire’, among other melodramas.

However, for many fans this has not been well seen, because they believe that they do not let the actor rest and his widow would only be doing it to gain popularity among the histrion’s followers.

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Andrés García fans attack Margarita Portillo

after posts made by Margarita Portillo In the absence of Don Andrés García, many fans of the actor have attacked Portillo, as they assure that he publishes unpublished material of his idol with the intention of acquiring fame after his death.

These are some of the comments they left in the different publications that Margarita Portillo has made:

“I don’t understand why you don’t post from your account and use Mr. Andrés’s. That is wrong, let him rest and use your networks, not his”, “Why don’t you make your Instagram account?”, “Ma’am, I’ve stopped pretending so much, don’t advertise with the deceased anymore, ma’am, your moments of fame are over, the heirs are your children and your true wife”, “Put the name of Margarita on the account and that’s it”, “Why don’t I see photos of Andrés with his sons and daughter?”.

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