Android 14 would come with a new security feature to download applications

Android 14

Even though the update of the operating system of Android 13 has not reached the vast majority of mid-range cell phones, the company developer of softwareGoogle, is already working on a new future version of Android 14which already presents its first innovations specifically aimed at security specifications for users of this type of cell phones.

One of the features that can be expected in the future They are those referring to the installation of applications. until the present users have the option of downloading programs to their cell phones from their files individuals known as apk and that some people published and disseminated for free on the internet. However, this poses a risk to the security of users, so in the next version of Android 14 it would no longer be possible.

This program installation method called “sideloading” could be exploited by cybercriminals and malicious users to break the security of phones smartso by removing its use as a way to find old versions of Applications reduces possible risks for users.

The installation of applications through their APK files for Android will no longer be enabled in a future update.  REUTERS/Andrew Kelly
The installation of applications through their APK files for Android will no longer be enabled in a future update. REUTERS/Andrew Kelly (ANDREW KELLY/)

The 9to5Google website indicated that the operating system code of Android 14because so far you can not download one version test, you can find a command that blocks this type of facilities on the devices, which is why any attempt to download files apk of additional applications or platforms will not be able to run.

This security measure will not only work for Google Play Storebut any other application store that is compatible with the operating system will be prohibited from installing platforms using this method, something that was also added as part of the recent update of the privacy policies Play Store.

Although the possibility of generating this type of download was a feature that could only be allowed up to the version of android 12with the modifications in the guidelines of Google as a developer company of the operating system This implies that the APKs cannot be installed on versions older than this operating system. All those platforms that had their last version compatible with previous versions such as Android 11 either Android 10 they will be unusable.

Archived APK for Android.  (photo: Google)
The installation of applications through their APK files for Android will no longer be enabled in a future update. (photo: Google)

Downloading applications in the form of apkespecially from unreliable sources, is an invitation to cybercriminals from anywhere on the internet to create downloadable files that promise a application desired but in reality they insert forms between the files to steal sensitive data, personal information and access to bank accounts within the files. devices.

With the update of Android 14 people will experience strengthened measures to make applications more secure and people are not at additional risk when using install these programs on any device manually or using disallowed tools.

The first devices to which the update of the operating system Android 13 and its new features were cell phones manufactured by Googlethe pixel, who have access to this information since 2022 in the highest ranges. Then cell phones had their chance. samsungto which this new version has already arrived, aimed especially for all high-end cell phones and some mid-range ones.

That is why in the case of the version of Android 14 It is also expected that its availability will also be prioritized among the same cell phone manufacturers as are the developer of Google and Samsung applications, at least in high-end devices.

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