Android has a trick to use Alexa instead of the Google Assistant

This is how Alexa can be used as a virtual assistant on Android. (photo: Andro4all)

Fortunately, Android allows you to change the default assistant of the operating system to use any other that is installed, such as Amazon Alexa.

The first thing you need is install alexa app on android. Is available in Google Play Storealthough if you have other Alexa devices set up, it may already be downloaded to your phone.

then enter settings of the Android device in which you want to change the Google assistant to Alexa. Click on the section Apps and notifications. If the manufacturer’s customization layer does not show this section, enter the one that refers to the applications.

Once you enter the applications section, click on the option of Advanced to display the menu of advanced options related to the applications.

Advanced option in Android.  (photo: How To)
Advanced option in Android. (photo: How To)

Once the advanced options are displayed, now it is necessary to click on the option default apps to enter the settings of the applications that are configured by default for each function.

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The user will be directed to a screen in which different types of mobile applications will be listed, and the application configured by default to comply with the function will appear next to it. Here, click on the option support app that appears first in the list.

A list will appear in which you can see the installed applications and virtual assistants that can fulfill the function of being a virtual voice. On the list, select Alexa instead of Google to substitute one for another.

How to use Alexa instead of Google Assistant.  (photo: See How It's Done)
How to use Alexa instead of Google Assistant. (photo: See How It’s Done)

When Alexa is selected, a warning window will appear explaining that the assistant will be able to read the information that appears on the cell phone screen or about the applications that are used. To complete the process, click on To accept.

And that’s it. Now you can go back to the previous menu, where you will have some final settings in which you can choose whether you want Alexa to access information on the screen, either the text or the screenshots. What remains is the personalization of each user and, however it is configured, Google Assistant will already have been changed by Alexa.

Now, to use the virtual voice of Alexa it will only be necessary hold down the Home button Android, the one that appears in the center of the lower part of the screen. The first time it is done, it will ask for permission to listen to the microphone, since when it is used, you can simply speak to it to launch a voice command.

What can you do with Alexa on an Android

The Alexa app can tell the time, deliver a weather report, or provide a daily roundup of sports and news from Infobae or any other recognized media. Here are some Alexa-compatible commands:

– Alexa, what time is it?

– Alexa, what’s the latest news?

– Alexa, flip a coin.

– Alexa, how much are 10 dollars in soles?

– Alexa, how much is 15 times 32?

– Alexa, how is the weather outside today?

– Alexa, set up for (X) minutes.

– Alexa, add brown rice to my shopping list.

– Alexa, what do I have on my schedule today?

– Alexa, start a seven minute workout.

– Alexa, tell (child’s name) a bedtime story.

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