Android: so you can read QR codes, solve equations and more with Google Assistant

Google Assistant. (photo: El Rincón de China)

Nowadays, places like restaurants have implemented the digital menu for diners to scan a QR code and so they can access the list of dishes. You may think that to read these codes you need to download an application but no, the best way is already installed on your phone, it is about Google assistant.

The wizard Google offers many smart options for devices Android. You can answer questions, make jokes, and even read what is hidden behind the QR code.

Google Lens, the QR code scanner for Android

Google Lens it has capabilities so high that you will be amazed at what it can do with your mobile camera and Google servers.

Solve mathematical equations, know the specific food of the restaurant you’ve been to, and you can even translate the text in front of you in real time. If that’s not enough scan QR codes.

Google Lens.  (photo: Pocket-lint)
Google Lens. (photo: Pocket-lint)

Read QR codes on Android without downloading apps

1. Click on a empty space on your desk and enter the options for de widgets.

2. Find the google widget and put it on your phone.

3. An icon will appear at the far right of the search bar. Click this colored square that looks like a camera, is Google Lens.

Google Lens icon on Android.  (photo: Vanguard)
Google Lens icon on Android. (photo: Vanguard)

4. Once you have pressed this option, the Camera with Lens application will open. If you are using it for the first time, you will need to accept the permissions for your phone’s camera and memory.

5. Click “Search with camera” to capture the QR code in front of you. It should be noted that if you have a QR code saved on your phone, you can open it from the gallery.

6. When the on-screen viewfinder appears with everything pointing at the camera, point your mobile phone at the QR code and click on it.

7. Google Lens will give you all the information that the QR hides. If it is a text, it will bring it to the screen; if it is a link, this will allow you to open it directly. Even save a contact, connect to a Wi-Fi network and everything behind the QR.

It should be noted that no ads, it’s free, no external downloads and, the only requirement you need to consider is be connected to the internet.

Scanning QR code with Google Lens.  (photo: The Spanish)
Scanning QR code with Google Lens. (photo: The Spanish)

Apple creates application for Android: AirTags can be used with Google’s operating system

For several months, some people expressed concern that their privacy could be compromised relatively easily. At that moment, Apple worked hard to create an application that could solve that problem.

And you have finally found the ideal solution: Tracker Detect, the application that Apple has decided to add in the Google Play Store, which will allow you to find a AirTag quickly and conveniently, without the need to use a iPhone or any other Cupertino device. It’s free And it can only be used by devices with Android 9 and later versions installed.

Tracker Detect.  (photo: Engadget)
Tracker Detect. (photo: Engadget)

With Tracker Detect you can register new AirTags, rename them, generate alerts in case of loss and of course, see everything we have on the map to control personal items.

Once installed, you will receive an alert if the application detects an unknown AirTag that will say “accompanying you”. If the tracking takes 10 minutes, you can ring the AirTag to locate it. The next step after finding it is to communicate with your smartphone. You will then receive instructions on how to remove the battery and turn it off.


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