Anel Noreña prohibited Marysol Sosa from using the name of José José

  • The daughter of the “Prince of the Song” spoke of the distance she has maintained from her mother for a year

Four years after the death of José José, his family is estranged due to the decisions they have made regarding his legacy, being the blood tie with the Prince of Song the only thing that unites them.

For months, Anel Noreña warned that if her daughter, Marysol Sosa, tried to launch any product under the name of José José, she would have legal consequences because she is the universal heir and decides who can use the rights of her ex-husband.

This warning, which seemed to be a joke, is the reality that Marysol faces today; she confirmed in a tribute to her father that she is not allowed to use her father’s name for whatever purposes she wants.

“Thank God, today there is an heiress, an executor to respect, and the same heiress and executor with you gave herself the opportunity to go out and say ‘and nobody can do anything because nobody can do anything'”.

José José’s eldest daughter pointed out that she can currently use her father’s name only with Anel’s consent, something she does not agree with, but she had to accept because she is the one who has the power to make that decision.

“Everyone has their ways, whatever they are going to say, they told me, I said: ‘Well, I don’t think so, personally, but okay, it is respected (…) Well, well, this is going to happen, right now we are not using none of that,” he explained.

Marysol clarified that, since she received this warning, she has not used the image of the interpreter of El triste, so her mother could not proceed legally against her, as it was rumored that she had done.

The singer ended the talk with the press by assuring that, despite her mother’s decisions, “I am the daughter of the Prince of Song forever.”

In an interview with Hoy Día, Marysol confessed that she would never have imagined that Anel Noreña, being her mother, would one day put this ban on her, but she does not intend to fight it and will seek how she can continue to honor her father’s legacy without having legal problems.

José José’s daughter also clarified that this was not what distanced her from her brother, José Joel and her mother, but that it was something that happened over time after the death of the singer and because of the projects that she started far from they.