Anel Noreña: “The Saritas do not exist… they are simple human beings and I hope they pay their taxes”

During the tribute that was held at the Azcapotzalco City Hall in Mexico City to commemorate the third death anniversary of José José, Anel Noreña was forceful when talking about Sara Salazar and her daughter.

“Las Saritas do not exist… they do not exist for me… they are human beings and I hope they pay their taxes but for me they do not exist,” Anel declared moments before the tribute in which the hologram was presented for the first time. of Jose Jose.

Anel Noreña was the second wife of the Prince of Song, with whom he had two children, José Joel and Marysol. For her part, Sara Salazar was the third wife and Sara Sosa is the daughter they procreated.

But even in that aspect, Anel was forceful:

“No, no, no, let it be clear to you, José’s wife is me. The first wife of any gentleman is the wife forever, and that is me.”

He said it despite the fact that, in reality, the Prince of Song’s first wife was Natalia Kiki Herrera.

Since the death of José José, the half-brothers have maintained a strong dispute, not only because of the inheritance but also because of the singer’s artistic legacy.

This was even reflected in the fact that half of José José’s ashes remained in the United States and the other half traveled to Mexico.

Currently, there are even some indications that there is even a division between the brothers José Joel and Marysol, who have not been seen together at public events since before the pandemic.

Anel, however, denied these differences. “What distance? There is none of that.”