Anette Cuburu reacts to Andrea Legarreta’s statements

Andrea Legarreta and Anette Cuburu.


Anette Cuburu released a statement in response to Andrea Legarreta’s response.

After Andrea Legarreta broke the silence in the face of the public insults that Anette Cuburu made to her and that neither Raul Raiza will remain silent about this controversy in which he is also involvedthe former TV Azteca host spoke on the networks with a message.

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The host of ‘Hoy’, Andrea Legarretaafter the statements he offered to the media, He uploaded a message to his networks making it clear that She is not a woman who looks for fights with anyone. and thanked his followers for their support who are with her through thick and thin.

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What did Anette Cuburu answer?

Through a statement, the host of the ‘Hoy Día’ program spoke out about Andrea’s comments.

Like every woman, I will always defend my children tooth and nail. and even more so now that they read and hear things from the past that neither are, nor were, nor ever existed. Everyone is responsible for what they say and what they do.. In my case I have always been responsible for being a lady first for myself, then for my children and of course for the public. to whom I have so much to thank who has followed my 32-year career and who know perfectly well the person and professional that I am.”

I have nothing to say to the lady, we were never and we will be friends, what I had to say to her I told her at the time. The double standard of sending love to everyone is not handled in this profile; love is worked, earned, built. God has nothing to forgive me, don’t worry, the truth always comes to light. I hope he has many projects to talk about in his interviews so that for the good of me and my children This ends here once and for all. The past is the past. I love you so much, Anette forever.”

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