Anette Cuburu reveals the reason why she revived the dispute with Andrea Legarreta

“The poop floats, it comes to light,” says the host about hate towards Legarreta

Anette Cuburu She assures that she is a woman of peace, as long as they do not mess with her children, something that according to the driver, she did Andrea Legarretawith whom she has had a feud for more than a decade, when they worked together on the morning newspaper “Hoy.”

For a few days now, Cuburu and Legarreta have been talking about on social networks due to the exchange of statements, and while Cuburu assures that she never had an affair with Raúl Araiza, Legarreta affirms that it was not her who “snapped” about that gossip.

Anette also said that she has evidence that Legarreta has had an affair with a Televisa executive for more than 20 years, and that for that reason she remains on “Hoy”, something that Erik Rubín’s still wife has denied. categorically before the press and on their social networks.

Anette Cuburu reveals why she revived the dispute with Legarreta

Although through a statement, Anette Cuburu shelved the issue with Andrea Legarreta, hours later, in an interview with Maxine Woodside, she spoke again about the host and revealed the reason why she spoke again about the old feud between the two. .

She began by saying that she did not talk about Legarreta’s daughters, and that if people are drawing conclusions, it is not her problem.

“People draw their conclusions, I never mentioned any children, never with children, I have three, if people do that I can’t control it,” he said.

Regarding Legarreta’s message of love and peace in a meeting with the media, Anette refused to do the same, stating that she is not a woman of double standards.

“I don’t send love to people who treat me badly, that’s a double standard,” she said emphatically, and although she insisted that she would no longer talk about the subject, as she would only do so about her play, “Daughters of their mother«He answered why the old feud with Legarreta revived.

Days before Christmas, Anette Cuburu’s son saw the interview that Mara Patricia Castañeda did with Legarreta two years ago, in which she spoke about Anette and implied that the host “did something that ruined her life.”

His son approached Anette to show him the interview, which aroused Cuburu’s anger.

“When my son comes and says to me, ‘Look mom, this lady who works for my dad is talking bad about you, look what she’s saying about you,’” she told Maxine Woodside.