Ángel Di María spoke of Messi’s family life in France and gave hints of Mbappé’s future

Di María, Messi and Mbappé at PSG (REUTERS / Sarah Meyssonnier) (SARAH MEYSSONNIER /)

We enter the last days of a special 2021 for Angel Di Maria. It is that after past frustrations with the Argentine team in the 2014 World Cup and the definitions lost against Chile in the Copa América, this year will be marked as the one that the Albiceleste managed to break that curse that the senior national team had for almost three decades without obtaining titles after the historic consecration in the mythical Maracana against Brazil.

Beyond his present in the team he leads Lionel scaloni, which also secured qualification for the Qatar World Cup 2022, Noodle is one of the stars of the PSG. And in the midst of criticism for the game of the Parisian team after the defeat against Manchester City in the Champions League, the Rosario midfielder spoke of his current status with the team of Mauricio Pochettino. But he also referred to his friend’s adaptation Lionel messi.

When asked about whether The flea he is happy in Paris, his reply was not long in coming. “Yes, he is happy. Her family adjusts well, her children have fun at school. You have already found a home. He has adapted well with the people of the club. It is normal in football to need time to adapt “said Di Maria on the show Rothen by RMC Sport.

“It has not been easy for him, he had all his life in Barcelona. New home, new school for his children… For someone who tries to change all the time it is easy, but not for him. He had his whole life in the same place. But he is happy, which is the most important thing “added the other Rosario in the ranks of Paris Saint Germain.

What did Fideo say about the chances that the Argentine captain will get his seventh Golden Ball? “He has had a very important year in his career. Winning the America’s Cup with his country are really things that have finally come to the national team. That is why it deserves it long”.

Rosario celebrate their first title with the Argentine national team (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian)
The people of Rosario celebrate their first title with the Argentine national team (REUTERS / Agustin Marcarian) (AGUSTIN MARCARIAN /)

In addition to talking about Messi, the former Rosario Central was also asked if he knows what will be the future of Kylian Mbappé. The world champion striker with the French national team ends his contract at the end of the season and he has not yet confirmed whether he will continue at PSG or finally move to Spain to play in the Real Madrid, his dream as a young man.

“The reality is that this kind of thing is a personal decision. Kylian knows what direction he wants to give to his life, to his playing career. Obviously we would like to tell him to renew, not to leave, but they are personal decisions “Di María said.

Immediately afterwards, he did not save praise for the No. 7 of the Parisian team. “It is a gift to have the opportunity to play with him. We know that any ball that we put deep into him is going to be used to score. It is really impressive. The connection I have had with him is really good and to be able to play with players like that is extraordinary ”.

Di María also spoke about whether the trio that Messi, Neymar Jr. and Mbappé himself have to play. “It is not easy to answer. When we have three players like this, it is normal for a coach to put them in, because they are the best on the pitch. They have earned what they have earned and they are what they are. Leo is different from the rest. He is the best player in the world and he always shows it on the field ”, he mentioned.

Di María spoke of the future of Mbappé in Paris (REUTERS / Stephane Mahe)
Di María spoke of the future of Mbappé in Paris (REUTERS / Stephane Mahe) (STEPHANE MAHE /)

In addition to highlighting the passage of Thomas tuchel As a DT at PSG and his positive influence, Angelito made it clear that, when he touches him, he wants to leave the club in good shape and thus avoid other traumatic exits that he had in previous teams.

“I have an extra season if both I and PSG agree. For my part, and with my age, my goal is to leave through the front door, happy. I already left Real Madrid badly in a bad way after having won the Champions League, in Manchester it was similar. If I have to go back to Argentine football, I hope to leave through the front door of a great club like PSG ”, he concluded.


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