Ángel Gómez innovates with new content on his social networks

Angel Gómez continues to coordinate festivals in the advertising area.

The 23-year-old digital creator from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Angeel Gómez, revealed that he is currently focused on his networks with his team, and at the same time he is finishing his university degree and working at the agency, which is his main source of income. .

He added that his next projects are to continue coordinating festivals in the advertising area and direct projects with big brands for their seasonal campaigns in the best possible way.
Regarding his goals to achieve as a digital creator, he said “my goal as a creator is to make myself known as a person who is dedicated to the artistic medium, showing on networks everything that it takes to be a producer of different projects and everything that happens and the ways to solve them. the best possible”.

When talking about her influences, Angeel Gómez mentioned “my main influences were the same as the prudence brand, from there I began to open my own path and meet more people in the field, at the same time generating contact with content creators from all over Mexico from That way was how my own artistic representation agency believes, which is growing and positioning itself”.

He said that since its inception, he has worked with brands at the national level through his influencers, generating their seasonal campaigns.

“Personally, I have worked with brands to promote their products in my personal networks, in film productions and audiovisual productions, in the same way we have taken talents to important private events, such as the eliot awards and the live stream from meet gala”.

Angeel Gómez determined “at the age of 16 I began to navigate the digital world through the means of friends who generated content for social networks, as time went by, generating content began to attract my attention, and at the same time the part of leadership and production related to artistic representation, which led me to create a management agency that little by little through work has grown a lot”.

When asked what challenges have you encountered as a digital creator?, he replied “being a creator in general gives you a lot of challenges, one of them is creativity and learning time to innovate new content to make your personality and personal talent known a conscious way.”

Of his satisfactions, Angel Gómez pointed out “one of them is knowing that creators, people and brands that have worked and are still currently satisfied with the relationship we manage at work, just as I have been able to generate good friendships through the good environment that we generate for I have achieved good growth in professional and personal learning as a person, hoping to be able to achieve more goals”.

@angeelgomez concluded by advising young actors who are just starting to start as soon as possible, that way they will be generating their own experience to be able to reach all the goals they are looking for and if they can help other people, do so, since it is part of the learning and teaching process that is needed in everything that is done.