Ángela Aguilar and the day she dazzled with Canelo Álvarez before a fight

In addition to offering a great boxing show, in recent years Saul Alvarez It has been characterized by offering striking and very colorful tickets towards the ring. Among artists like J Balvin And till Mannaone of the most applauded in Mexico and the United States was the one that offered the Aguilar family with regional Mexican music.

In the middle of the party for the Fifth of May of 2021 in North America, Pepe, Leonard Y Angela Aguilar presented themselves to the more than 73,000 spectators present at the AT&T Stadium of Arlington, where they gave a very Mexican welcome to Cinnamon heading to the ring, where the British would be measured Billy Joe Saunders.

In addition to the imposing voice of Pepe Aguilarwho stole the eyes and ears of the public was his youngest daughter Ángela, who was 17 years old at the time and was in charge of singing the Mexican national anthem with a very particular style.

The two presentations started the screams and euphoria of the attendees, who in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic broke the attendance record for any boxing match in America.

Angela Aguilar did not hide his emotion for participating in this brief and colorful presentation, because although in November 2019 he had already sung the anthem in another fight of Cinnamonthis time received all the reflectors and camerassince he went up to a stage intended for the artists as if it were a concert and not inside the ring like the last time.

In addition, on this occasion the Mexican participated in a medley of songs made up of The king, Mexico Beautiful and belovedY Long live Mexico, long live Americamelodies that made her trending topic throughout the night, both for positive and negative comments.

Ángela Aguilar and the day she dazzled <a class=Canelo Álvarez before a fight (Photo: Youtube/DAZN)” height=”967″ src=”https://www.americanchronicles.news/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Angela-Aguilar-and-the-day-she-dazzled-with-Canelo-Alvarez.JPG” width=”1450″ />
Ángela Aguilar and the day she dazzled Canelo Álvarez before a fight (Photo: Youtube/DAZN)

One of the main criticisms that revolved around him was the style with which he sang the anthem, since several people considered that he intoned it too slowly, to the extent that even her father had to come out but not to defend her, but to give the same opinion:

He sang it as if he had taken some ‘slow me down’ pills. Okay? Why? That’s something else. He watered it. Period, it’s over, “said the Mexican singer-songwriter; however, he ruled out that it would have been a subject to “shoot her”.

Pepe Aguilar declared that “Yes, there was an error and of course it was watered”, because according to his perception, the error was that it did not go to the rhythm of what the lyrics represent. ”The mistake is that he was singing as 30 beats per minute lower than normal. And so We Mexicans went to war very slowly”.

Ángela Aguilar and the day she dazzled Canelo Álvarez before a fight (Photo: Youtube/DAZN)

As if this were not enough, that colorful exhibition of the Aguilar family, the day in which Ángela confirmed her stardom with the Mexican athlete of the moment, was conditioned by an error in the hearing aids of Pepe’s youngest daughter.

“When Ángela comes out, the headphones she was wearing didn’t work. They were not heard. And Angela’s mistake there, which would not have happened to me, is that she had completely and totally forgotten about it, and not thought that there were speakers (…) In a stadium where there are 73,000 people, it is impossible for there to be loudspeakers. There is no way. So the rebound is sometimes up to a second and a bit. If you don’t have the experience, you’re going to sing that slowly, because you’re going to try to compensate and try to get to that,” the singer said according to Up to date Dallas.

That fight ended with a categorical victory in eight rounds of Cinnamon about saunderswho seriously broke his cheekbone and put him on the verge of retirement, but not before snatching his belt from his world boxing organization (WBO) at 168 lbs.


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