Ángela Aguilar: he is the NFL player, accused of violence, who would have made her fall in love

Ángela Aguilar would be dating an NFL player

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This weekend the rumor circulated that Angela Aguilar would be taking a chance on the love with a nfl playerwho was accused of violence by his ex-girlfriend.

Through the ‘Gossip No Like’ program, they revealed that the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar would be dating the player dallas cowboys, Josh Ball, who in 2018 was accused of physical violence by his ex-girlfriend Sandra Sellers.

The rumors of the relationship they grew when Josh uploaded a photo to his Instagram stories while he hugged a puppy, which is supposedly owned by the Aguilars. In addition, the NFL player would have been several times in the office that the singers have in Houston, Texas.

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Although Josh Ball has commented on some photos of Ángela Aguilar with mysterious emojis on said social network, neither of them has confirmed or denied the assumption Romancebut the aforementioned entertainment program emphasized the attention that the player pays to the singer’s publications through her social networks.

Josh Ball, Ángela Aguilar’s supposed boyfriend, and his dark past

Sandra Sellers She had an 18-month love relationship with Josh Ball that ended in 2018, during which time Ball assaulted her on at least 11 occasions. The woman narrated that the American football player pushed her and threw her to the ground on several occasions and even slapped.

Finally, the woman decided to put an end to their relationship and report to the authorities who imposed a restriction order to prevent the athlete from approaching her.

It is said that due to this problem Josh Ball was transferred from Butler University to Marshall, although he was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in round four of the 2021 Draft.

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