Ángela Aguilar poses with these beautiful Mexican dresses to commemorate the national holidays

The video of Ángela Aguilar showing off her Mexican dresses soon went viral.


Ángela Aguilar was the victim of criticism after she declared that she has “25% Argentine blood”, so many even went so far as to claim that the singer was ashamed of her Mexican roots; However, Angela shows us during these national holidays that she is proud of her origins like never before.

On Instagram, there are many celebrities who take advantage of the proximity of September 15 and 16 to reaffirm how proud they are to be Mexican. Angela Aguilar did not want to be left behind and, through a beautiful video, She modeled several traditional dresses that were celebrated by her followers.

Since she began her path in the world of music, Ángela Aguilar has stood out for go out on stage wearing beautiful traditional Mexican clothing; and although many think that the singer only uses them for her concerts, The young woman showed that she also loves to wear them in her daily life.

Total, Ángela Aguilar showed off four beautiful models in her video, each one with particularities that only make them more beautiful. Meet them!


The first dress that Angela Aguilar it presumes us correctly mixes modernity with Mexican tradition, when wearing a garment in a nude tone and with details of embroidered colored flowers. A beautiful and huge headdress of red flowers, as well as cowboy boots of the same color, completed the outfit.

The second dress that can be seen in the video It is a black garment with a corset and tulle sleeves.; It is complemented by an embroidered flower belt, a Huichol art necklace and, once again, cowboy boots, although now brown.

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Ángela Aguilar did not forget the traditional designs, and She modeled another dress for us that consisted of a white blouse and a large red skirt which has a white stripe with beautiful embroidery of large flowers. This is one of the models most related to Mexican clothing.

Finallye, Jalisco was present in Ángela Aguilar’s series of outfits, who pays tribute to the charrería with this white dress with gold embroidered details that evoke the Jalisco charros. She complements it with white boots that just gave this garment an incredible touch.


Ángela Aguilar and her video showing off beautiful Mexican dresses soon went viral on Instagram, and the video clip has, to date, accumulated more than 323 thousand “Likes”, as well as thousands of comments found.

While Some followers criticized the “hypocrisy” of Ángela Aguilar, other people asked to leave the hate and enjoy the parade of colors and textures that it offers singer on these national holidays.