Ángela Aguilar premiered the video clip for “Ella qué te gave” with Jesse and Joy

Photos: Instagram / @jesseyjoy / @angela_aguilar_

Angela Aguilar surprised his fans with a new and unexpected collaboration with Jesse and Joy. The Mexican interpreters released the video clip of What did she give you, a theme that fused pop with hints of the Mexican regional.

During the late night of last Thursday, the 18-year-old singer announced the premiere of her new song. On this occasion, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter had the fortune to work hand in hand with the brothers Jesse Huerta and Joy Huerta, well-known Mexican musicians who make up one of the most established pop duos in the country.

Angelitxs! I am very excited because today at 12 o’clock you will be able to see the official video of What did she give you with Jesse and Joy”Aguilar published on his Instagram account along with a preview of the topic.

Almost instantly, the publication of the interpreter of the Mexican regional was filled with thousands of likes and positive messages from her followers. For their part, Jesse and Joy also spread the premiere of the video clip on their Instagram stories.

At midnight, the audiovisual was released on YouTube and fans of both musical concepts were able to enjoy their performance. So far, the video has more than 225,000 views on the well-known platform and just over 23,000 “likes”. In addition, netizens also took advantage of the comment box to leave their first impressions.

“Much success, I’ve always been a fan of Jessie and Joy, and now Angela. Everything she does is pure talent “,” Everything Angela does is beautiful and will be a total success. I’m already excited to see the video and I think I’ll get addicted to seeing it daily”Were some of the comments they received.

(Capture: @ angelica_aguilar_ / instagram)
(Capture: @ angelica_aguilar_ / instagram)

The video clip tells the heartbreak story of a young couple who, before the arrival of a third person, were notably in love. In the audiovisual, the following Mexican artists appear, Jesse played the guitar while Angela and Joy sang the theme within the film set.

The song belongs to his album Mexican in love, a musical project from which the themes also stand out Actually, I don’t know where they see me and Tell me how you want, this last being a collaboration that Angela Aguilar did with Christian Nodal.

What did she give you aims to be a new success for the career of the young interpreter, who from a very young age showed her interest and talent for singing. With this, Ángela Aguilar continues to tread firmly in the music industry thanks to the support that her entire family has given her, especially her father, Pepe Aguilar.

(Capture: @ angela_aguilar_ / Instagram)
(Capture: @ angela_aguilar_ / Instagram)

The granddaughter of Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre was one of the special guests at the Latin Grammy 2021. Although this time she was not nominated in any of the categories, she did have the opportunity to participate in the event. During the night of last Wednesday, Angela Aguilar sang Ligia Elena as part of the musical show that the Academy repaired in honor of Rubén Blades, who was also recognized as “Person of the Year”.

Ligia Elenaa true honor to sing such an iconic song by maestro Rubén Blades on his special day. Thanks to the Latin Grammys for another opportunity full of love, “she wrote in a publication where she also showed off her statuesque figure in a blue dress with orange sparkles.

The singer was also one of the artists who presented the awards during the awards ceremony last Thursday in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ángela Aguilar and Mateo Boccelli announced that the winner in the category “Best New Artist”, who was none other than Juliana Velásquez, Colombian interpreter.


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