Ángela Aguilar reveals that her father scolded her for being flirty

The young singer Ángela Aguilar confessed that her father Pepe Aguilar used to scold her for being very flirtatious; she also confessed what she looks for in a partner.

Singer Angela Aguilar She confessed that her father Pepe Aguilar used to scold her for being very flirtatious.

Pepe Aguilar he always trusted the great talent of his little daughter Angela; however, not everything was hunky-dory. The singer confessed that her father is, as they say now, ‘toxic and controlling’, even he scolded her for being ‘very flirtatious’.

Ángela Aguilar told in an interview with ‘Cheleando with the Stars’ that when he was only four years old, the interpreter of ‘Divine Women’ put a lot of pressure on her even though it was her first time entering a recording studiosomething you will never forget.

He commented that from a very young age awakened her taste for fashion and makeup, in addition to confessing that she was also ‘very flirtatious’ because everyone around her always showered her with praise.

She wasn’t a girlfriend, I think she was flirty. I got used to my father telling me that she was very pretty, my mom too, everyone told me that she was very pretty. It’s nice to feel that everyone says that to you,” said the 18-year-old singer.

However, it was a situation that bothered his father a lot, and regularly called his attentionEven when he came to receive gifts for the day of ‘Love and Friendship’, he questioned her about who had given them.

I was flirty and my dad scolded me a lot, a lot (…) On Valentine’s Day I was ‘the girl’ at school. Letters, flowers and chocolates came to my locker, and my dad: ‘Who gave you that?’ Very funny, there was never a problem”.

But, according to Ángela, Pepe Aguilar’s reaction had one objective: that she could fully enjoy her childhood“something that I appreciate very much,” he said.

What does Ángela Aguilar look for in a boyfriend?

Ángela revealed what she is looking for in a person to be able to give her her little heart.

He pointed out that he has learned, because now understands that the important thing is not the physical, but the way of being of the person, their feelings and even how they behave with their loved ones.

When I grew up I began to make decisions about what suits me, who I like, beyond how you look is how you treat me, how you treat my family, how you make me feel…”, detailed the interpreter ‘Tell me how you want’.

Recently, Ángela Aguilar was harshly criticized for her love life after some photographs were released confirming the relationship she had with the compositions Gussy Lauwho is 15 years older than her.