Ángela Aguilar’s pants that unleashed criticism in networks, “getting out of trouble or what?”

Ángela Aguilar tries to separate herself from criticism in networks, but apparently it has been difficult for her.


Angela Aguilar he has managed to establish himself as an important figure in regional Mexican music; However, his figure has also been the target of controversy on social networks, especially after a few months ago he declared that he has “25 percent Argentine blood”, which earned him a high number of haters.

The declarations Pepe Aguilar’s daughter has not been forgotten, and his followers on social networks have taken it upon themselves every day to remind him of it. Every photograph that Ángela Aguilar uploads to her networks It accumulates thousands of “Likes” and supportive comments, but also several criticisms.

On this occasion, Ángela Aguilar decided to share a curious outfit with her followers that unleashed all kinds of negative comments because her pants are seen with dark spots, apparently dirt, although some defended her by assuring that this is the design of the garment, could it be?


It was two days ago Angela Aguilar He was a new victim of criticism after he uploaded to his Instagram a selfie taken in front of the mirror with the phrase “From history to post…”; what caught the attention of his fans it was the singer’s jean pants, Well, they look striking dark spots which could be interpreted as dirt.

In the image, Pepe Aguilar’s daughter looks in front of a huge mirror a black long-sleeved blouse, black high-heeled shoes, and light-colored jeans which immediately stand out due to the dark spots on the fabric, which is why many concluded that these pants were “dirty”.

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Amidst mocking comments like “Leaving the jale or what?”, “A little wash and cigar for the front”, “Your pants look kind of dirty”“Was she doing mechanics?”, Among others, there were also fans who defended her, assuring that the stains were typical of the design of the garment: “For those who say that their pants look dirty… Maybe that’s how they are, let’s remember that Ángela has used different outfits and knows fashion “wrote a fan.

What do you think, Is it then a pair of pants with an outlandish design or simply Ángela wanted to wear it asHim, even if he was dirty? Only the singer knows the answer.