Angélica Aragón returns to Televisa through the front door and told us this exclusively

He arrives half an hour before his call, setting an example of discipline. It is 3 in the afternoon in the municipality of Xalatlaco, located 90 minutes from Mexico City, and Angelica Aragon It goes directly to the room of the El Camino ranch, which functions as a dressing room. There she would eat together with her husband and they would fix her up to start her scene. She does not wear any makeup, her washed face reflects a mature beauty without touch-ups or Botox, widely used by some of her colleagues who try to stop the passage of time.

The lady is received like a queen; Once ready, the production staff accompanies her on her tour of the location and takes her to the set in a van so as not to risk her on the stone path that borders the area where she would record next to the actor Salvador Sánchez, who plays Chente. his 80 years.


Photo: Jose Luis Ramos

Turned into Dalia, a reporter who, in the fiction of The Last King. The son of the people, interviews the singer, reviewing the peak moments of his life, the first actress imposes herself and intimidates the technicians. When they give her instructions on the use of the microphone, the protagonist of Vivir un poco warns them that she knows how to deal with these devices, since she makes television long before they were born. There, in the middle of the sunset with a beautiful landscape in the background, the star shows off her talent, without nerves, confident and with the emotion on the surface that is evident in the brightness of her green eyes. “I have had a friendship and a working relationship with Mr. Juan Osorio for many years, I think the first thing we did was Madres egoístas, which was directed by Mr. Salvador Sánchez, so a long-standing friendship unites us, we are friends, there are great confidence and that is why I am in this project.

I already had a long time without being on television, and that is due to the time it takes up one, then, since I had dedicated most of my career to soap operas, I wanted to be available for the cinema, that’s why I’ve done a lot of films in recent years, that has brought me enormous satisfaction”, says Aragón about the reasons that led her to remain absent from the small screen.

The first actress, who gave us five minutes while walking to the vehicle that would take her to another recording, tells how in September of last year she made a first film in Monterrey that caught her because of the type of genre they handled:

“It was a thriller, something of terror, which is not the most usual in Mexican cinema, and I loved the experience, the effects. Let’s see how it turns out finally. I also worked in the state of Chiapas in another film, The Eagle and the Worm; It has a great cast and I was very happy to meet the director Guita Schyfter again, because she also studied in England, she was cinema and I was theater, but I participated in her first short more than 40 years ago, and these are always very beautiful reunions . My daughter María debuts as an actress in that film, with an important role, that makes us happy”.


Photo: Jose Luis Ramos

As for the series The Last King. The son of the people, which premieres for the stars on March 14 at 8:30 p.m., the artist says she is pleased, “because it is not necessary to remind the public that one of the most popular songs by Vicente Fernández was La ley del monte, written by my father, José Ángel Espinoza ‘Ferrusquilla’, and that links me to a history of a long time, of many circumstances shared with don Vicente in particular, since my father and he were very good friends, especially in the Vicente’s most important release period”.

Angélica reveals that, at some point, she was at the Los 3 Potrillos ranch, and remembers that the now deceased Charro de Huentitán received her with love and hospitality. “Then I made a film with Alejandro Fernández and Jaime Camil, by Alfonso Arau, which was called Zapata, and there I lived with her son. Now I am intervening with the utmost respect in this project; It is very interesting that the character that I play does not exist in real life, but it could be you, because I play a journalist. It is a woman who interviews him in the last stage of his life, it is a long conversation of several sessions, touching from birth, childhood, youth, the successes, but also the setbacks, the pains, because Cuquita had many abortions, there was a problem there of blood, and in the story I have to balance the light with the dark to make a story that, in some way, is close to what this man we admire so much was.