Angélica María and the relationship that unites her with Daniel Bisogno He even got her a job in Ventaneando!

Daniel Bisogno and Angélica María have a very strong bond


Angélica María and Daniel Bisogno maintain a family bond very special, although both do not talk much about their relationshipbut many of his followers have wondered what unites them.

Angélica María’s family has always been related to the entertainment medium, as she married the singer Raúl Vale, with whom she had her only daughter, Angelica Vale, who has participated in soap operas and successful programs of the Canal de las estrellas.

Besides, Angelica Ortiz, mother of Angelica Mariawas a director, screenwriter, filmmaker and producer, which means that talent runs through the veins of the family and that it reaches Daniel Bisognowho is he nephew from “The Bride of Mexico”.

Angélica María and Daniel Bisogno are family

In an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, the host of ‘Ventaneando’, Daniel Bisogno, expressed his gratitude to his aunt Angélica María for having supported him in the early years of his career. “I have grown in this business because Angélica Vale is my cousin, Angélica María my aunt and Angélica Ortiz my great-aunt”pointed out the also theater producer.

Daniel Bisogno explained that since he was little he grew up in the entertainment industry: “From a very young age my mother took me to movie castings, I made movies since I was 5 years old; and then with Vale we worked together in theater, Ortiz called me to work with them”, recalled Bisogno.

Daniel Bisogno entered ‘Ventaneando’, thanks to his great-aunt

Daniel Bisogno began working in theater with his cousin Angélica Vale and even confessed that Angelica Ortizon his deathbed, called him to patty chapoy to ask for an opportunity for him, just when the host made her change from Televisa to TV Azteca.

“One of the last things he did was talk to Chapoy to tell him: ‘I want you to see my nephew,’ he gave him a choro and you know. Pati was coming to Azteca, ”Bisogno explained about his joining the Ajusco television station.