Angélica Rivera back on TV: “She wants to meet her audience again”

After confirming her divorce from former president Enrique Peña Nieto in 2019, Angélica Rivera has stayed away from the spotlight, dedicating her time to her and her daughters: Sofía, Fernanda and Regina Castro, whom she had with producer Alberto Castro. The last television project in which we saw the actress was in the successful melodrama Destilando amor, in 2007, in which she starred alongside Eduardo Yáñez. Now, apparently, after 15 years, the Gaviota is ready to return to soap operas, as confirmed exclusively to TVyNovelas by her daughter Fernanda Castro, who was in the presentation of the soap opera Corona de Lágrimas 2, which her father produces. .

We saw you very happy during the presentation of Crown of Tears 2… That’s right, I’m super proud of my father, of his projects, and if I can be with him and support him in moments as important as this, how wonderful, it fills me with emotion! 10 years ago the first part of the soap opera premiered, I was 12, imagine!

How much have things changed for you in this time? Much. At that time I was probably finishing elementary school, taking music classes, I was a girl! And now I have finished my musical career in Boston, in the United States.

Will you dedicate yourself to making a career as a singer? Yes, in fact, on Friday, August 26, I premiered the song It doesn’t matter to me, which is available on all platforms, I really like composing, and in the following months more music that I’ve been preparing for a while will continue to come out.

Has acting ever caught your attention? No and yes, I think that what I don’t like about acting is the fact of seeing myself, I get very nervous, I guess that’s why I’m more interested in theater than television, because now is the time and that’s it. In addition, I have always liked being behind the scenes, the production.

You are more shy than your sisters… In that sense, how difficult has it been for you to face the criticism or negative notes that have suddenly been published about you or your family? I guess you get used to it, but it can become uncomfortable, weird… It’s difficult, but I think that as long as you know the person you are, from the bottom of your heart, that’s the only thing that counts, because in the end I think what shocks you He checks you out, and if it’s pure hate (hate, making negative comments to others, whether they know them or not), envy, or the reflection of the same person, well, it doesn’t affect me because I know it’s not true.

Finally, you have always been further away from the spotlight… Yeah, a little bit, but I guess I’ll be getting in more and more because of the music; That excites me, and the rest, I suppose, will be occupational hazards, but I have the best teachers in the world (his father and his mother), and they support me a lot. Me and my sisters always give us advice and are there for us, literally, my family is my strength.

Speaking of the family, much has been said about your mother’s return to soap operas, will she? Yes, my mom is going to go back to work, they’ll soon find out, but I’m very excited because since I was little I’ve seen how much she loves her job; One of the things I admire most about her is acting, and I am very excited to see her back and be with her throughout her creative process, because in the end everything is art, and I love art, so seeing her work again to be very exciting. She has every desire to meet her audience again.

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