Angélica Vale surprises with her radical physical change, you won’t believe it when you see her new figure!

Angélica Vale revealed that a hormonal problem prevented her from losing weight.


Angélica Vale received all kinds of praise after she appeared showing a shocking change in her body that left her fans speechless.

Angelica María’s daughter became one of the main trends of the last few hours after appearing in a video where it was clear that The actress and presenter had lost several kilos of weightwhich has improved its image significantly.

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Angélica Vale’s overweight had already been a topic of conversation for several years, when the actress she gave birth to her second son, Daniel; It was from then on, she narrated the famous in an interview released on Novemberthat I couldn’t lose weight even though I followed diets and exercised regularly.

How did Angélica Vale manage to lose weight and how does she look after her treatment? This is what the driver looks like today.

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Angelica Vale He detailed that She was diagnosed with a hormonal imbalance and therefore could not lose weight; However, now with medical treatment, the actress has managed lose 20 kilos and is willing to do even more.

Angélica’s fans were very surprised by the latest publications of her radio show The Vale Showwhere The famous woman looks much slimmer and, of course, healthy.

In one of the videos, you can see Angélica Vale in a very good mood dancing in the radio program booth. In view of her incredible figurethere were many people who, amidst the praise, asked him to share his tips for losing weight.

The secret of Angelica Vale was, as she herself revealed, to go to an appropriate specialist, because in her case It was all a hormonal problem and he did not have to resort to any surgery to achieve that enviable figure.