Angélica Vale surprises with spectacular physical change

  • The famous actress shared a photograph where she shows off a new figure, receiving praise from her followers.

Throughout her career, Angélica Vale has faced criticism regarding her physical appearance, especially regarding her weight.

The actress has been very frank when talking about the difficulties she has had in her struggle to maintain a healthy weight over the years.

Recently, Angélica María’s daughter shared that she has finally discovered the cause of her weight loss problems and has revealed the treatment she is following.

As a result, she has shown a remarkable transformation, radiating a renewed image and showing off a spectacular figure.

It was thanks to a photograph that the famous actress shared on social networks with Eugenio Derbez that several of her fans and followers realized Angélica Vale’s new physical appearance.

Angélica met with Derbez on her radio program called “La Vale Show” and told her followers that the interview with the well-known Mexican comedian would soon be available on YouTube, which generated great enthusiasm among her audience.

What caught attention in the photograph, in addition to Angélica Vale’s smile, was her appearance, which revealed how stylized she currently looks.