Animal shelter takes beautiful portraits of its oldest residents

For Valentine’s Day 2023, the St. Hubert Animal Welfare Center created a campaign for its oldest residents who had yet to find their special someone.

For a dog living in a rescue shelter, they can’t wait to be struck by Cupid’s arrow and find the love of a forever home. St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey knows this all too well and is trying to find its longest-standing residents their perfect mates.

For Valentine’s Day 2023, St. Hubert’s created a campaign for dogs who haven’t found their special someone yet. She was all about a pink boa, sunglasses, candy and the keen eye of photographer Kelsey Dubinsky. The sweet portraits include shelter dogs in puffer coats and funky sunglasses, all set against a bubblegum pink background.

“We wanted to get a little creative so they would get more attention on our website and on social media,” explained Diane Ashton, director of communication for St. Hubert’s. Dubinsky brought the props, and the resulting photos are a fun way for these pups to shine. Due to their age, older dogs, like some of the St. Hubert team, are often overlooked and take longer to adopt. But there are many benefits to rescuing an adult dog.

One is that they are more likely to have basic training and to be domesticated. They are often content to take it easy (their regular walk is fine) and you’ll know what you’re getting into when you adopt them because you’ll see their fully developed size and personality right away.

Valentine’s Day-themed photos have helped spread the love for these dogs online, but many of them are still out there. To see all of St. Hubert’s adoptable dogs, visit their website.