Anna Ferro after Ingrid’s statements about Fer del Solar: “I have another version of the facts”

In the midst of the controversy caused by the interview that Ingrid Coronado gave to Yordi Rosado, in which she told her story of everything she experienced with the driver, we spoke exclusively with Anna Ferro, Fernando del Solar’s wife, who confessed that He has preferred to remain silent out of respect for him and his children, and assured that everything will be known in due course, but now he wants to honor the memory of who was the great love of his life.

We know that it has been a very difficult year for you, how are you? I would like to find the exact word, but it doesn’t exist, it’s like going into a slide and not knowing how to get out… But I feel a little calmer, I keep crying every day, not every five minutes like before, I’m finding that part of understanding and to have peace, I am working on my ego, because my ego would like him to be here, that none of this would have happened, but maybe it was time for him (Fernando del Solar) to leave.

How have you managed to get ahead? Meditating… I believe that we are responsible, not for external things or what other people do, but for how we react or act; So, I always look for the positive side and learn from it to be able to get out, but I also cry a lot, I give myself permission to be vulnerable, I no longer want to be strong, I have decided not to be… It has been difficult because I also had to accompany my daughter , she lived with us 24/7, she lived with Fer 24/7, so it has been… (sighs and breaks). Fer was a father to her, and you can imagine what it has been like to accompany her in this, and apart from her, everything external that also happens; It’s something we’re working on together, we’re both in therapy…

Speaking of external situations, what do you think of the recent statements made by Ingrid Coronado? I can only say that there are always three truths in a story: the one on one side, the other, and the truth, which is in the middle, and I want to protect my opinion; I know perfectly well what he lived through, and my loyalty is to him, I believe in him, I believe in the truth about Fer because I lived through things with him, and for me, thanks to her, to the mother of his children, he was the one who it was at that moment and it came to me; His past brought him to a present that is me. She is a past and I am a present that I am here, and I honor that, what he asked to be able to learn and to be together, but from what she has declared and everything, I want to keep myself, because I have another version of facts and things.

In the end it is sad, because he is no longer there to defend himself… That’s right, he is no longer there and it is not pleasant at all, but everything (it will be known) in due time, right now is not the time out of respect for him, my daughter, and also his children, because they deserve it, because everyone we deserve it.

How do you manage to remain so prudent and serene in the face of circumstances? Don’t believe it, I also get angry, I cry, I feel powerless in the face of injustice, because many things seem unfair to me, but I know who I am, what I am doing and what Fer wanted, and that gives me peace ; when you are calm inside, it doesn’t matter what is happening outside, but when there is no peace, you need to make a whirlwind in order to find that peace.

What was the greatest lesson that Fer left you in life? He was a super noble man, patient… and if I learned anything from him, it’s patience; In addition, he always had a smile, even though he felt sad and depressed because he could not physically do many things due to 59 chemotherapies, 20 radiations, and pulmonary fibrosis… Many people don’t know it, but he wanted to run and playing with his children, because he loved tennis, fronton and everything that had to do with a ball, and not being able to do any of that made him very sad; There were days when it was hard for him to gain strength, but he was also very optimistic about staying here, alive, he really wanted to show people around the world that it was possible.

Do you currently have any relationship with their children? I lived with them a lot, but no, and it’s normal, I understand it, but I don’t understand it, that they are different things; I have no contact with them, I have not been given the opportunity. After that last time we saw each other at the funeral, that meeting we had, I didn’t see them anymore.

I guess it’s hard to process that too… Yes, it is very difficult, because it is not only the mourning that Fer left, it is also the family, for me they were like my children, I did not have three children, I had five, and for Fer it was the same. I know that she is the mother and she has her place, as always, because that’s how it should be… but (they) were part of my life.

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