Anna Ferro assures that she will not leave Ingrid Coronado’s apartment for a compelling reason

The controversy between Ana Ferro and Ingrid Coronado has taken a new turn. Ferro, Fernando del Solar’s widow, has stated that she will not leave the apartment she shared with her late husband, despite Coronado’s demands.

Ferro and Coronado have been at odds over ownership of the apartment located in Cuernavaca. Coronado maintains that the property is her property, since it was purchased during her marriage to Del Solar and is part of a trust in the name of her children.

However, Ferro insists that she also owns the place. According to her, Del Solar legally protected her before he died so that she would not have to leave her home. “I have a document that endorses me as the owner of a part of that property,” Ferro declared.

Ferro also denied rumors that he was usurping the place. “I am not usurping any place because I believe that if I were involved in something illegal I would not be here and living there,” he stated.

The legal dispute between Ferro and Coronado has captured the public’s attention, with many viewers taking sides. Despite the pressure, Ferro remains firm in his decision not to leave the department.

Ana Ferro’s decision not to leave the apartment she shared with Fernando del Solar is based on her belief that she also owns the place. Despite Ingrid Coronado’s demands, Ferro remains firm in her decision, which will undoubtedly continue to fuel the controversy surrounding this dispute.