Anna Ferro faces accusations of mistreatment of Ingrid Coronado’s children

Anna Ferro responds to accusations against her.

Anna Ferro breaks the silence in the face of accusations of mistreatment against Ingrid Coronado’s children and confirms that she did deny the driver access to Fernando del Solar’s wake.

Anna Ferro, widow of Fernando del Solar, reacted to the statements of alleged mistreatment she had with the children of Ingrid Coronado when the presenter was not at home, as revealed by Mrs. angeles alvarezformer maid of the dear driver.


“Just when he arrived, he treated him well. Afterwards, she kind of said: ‘I have to put up with it.’ On two occasions she did it in front of me, then not anymore because she saw that I was talking with Don Fer. When Don Fer was there (he treated Ingrid Coronado’s children) well, with love. If Don Fer was not there, he forbade them to go up to his room and watch football ”.

There were even friends of Fernando del Solaras Aaron Olveraformer manager of the presenter, who also pointed out to the cameras Anna Ferro that he abandoned the Argentine driver in his last days of life.

“Yes, things happened… the last time we saw him he took us by the hand and asked us not to leave him alone, not to abandon him, to be with him until the end. Anna Ferro had no proactive activity with Fernando del Solar, the time we were there, we took care of everything, we didn’t see her there.”

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Anna Ferro faces accusations of mistreatment of Ingrid Coronado’s children



Who is Jean Duverger, driver who could come out of the morning ‘The sun rises’?

Moments ago, Anna Ferro spoke before the cameras of Ventaneando to face the statements that have her in the eye of the hurricane.

“No, well, in that aspect I think it is not true. At no time would that be done, to begin with I think Fer would never have allowed it. If this was when this lady was with us, I don’t even remember the dates well. I have his confidentiality and resignation contract and it was before Fer was hospitalized in 2019.”

Regarding the statements of Aarón Olvera, Ferro indicated that “That has never been true, how do you think, I have a good relationship even with his mother, with my sisters-in-law.”

On the tension that was experienced at the funeral of Fernando del Solarthe yoga instructor admitted that she was only barred from Ingrid Coronado and not her husband’s children.

“Yes, she got tense, I won’t. flood, Fer’s children entered perfectly, they agreed to see what time she entered. Logically the lady was not allowed to enter, that is true, that is, she is not saying something that she is not. Because of the relationship that they no longer had and it was not a very pleasant relationship with Fer. It was out of respect for him and the family, which he also wanted.

Will you return the apartment?

Anna Ferro also denied the statements of the former member of Garibaldi who assures that Ferro has not responded to her messages to vacate the apartment that belongs to her and that is in Cuernavaca, Morelos.

“Yes we have been in contact. We have been in touch with how it should be done. Yes, I’m still there (in the department) until that is resolved. Fer left everything very well stipulated, written, with lawyers and in due time it will be known about him “.