Anna Ferro will have to vacate the house where she lived with Fer del Solar

The legal representative of Ingrid Coronado announced that the house where the driver’s widow lives belongs to her

Recently in an interview with Ventaneando it was announced that Anna Ferro will have to leave the house where she lived with her husband, Fernando del Solar, since it legally belongs to Ingrid Coronado, the woman with whom she had Luciano and Paolo.

One month after his death, details continue to appear about Fernando del Solar, as well as legal problems after his widow revealed that Ingrid Coronado would have sued him in life.

It was revealed that he must leave the house in Cuernavaca where he shared his last moments with Fer del Solar, since it is owned by Ingrid.

The ex-wife’s lawyer expressed the problems that the driver faces after the death of her children’s father, since they did not pay rent for the entire time they lived in the place and Ingrid did not demand one as such.

“The apartment where Fernando lived in Cuernavaca is a property that is in the name of Ingrid, and Fernando lived there with his wife, Mrs. Anna Ferro. Ingrid didn’t fight to get him or Mrs. Ferro out of it, so she let them live there, they didn’t pay her rent and her property belonged to her. Ferro will have to hand over the property to Ingrid, she will not be left with another, “said the lawyer.

He also mentioned that Fernando was the one who would have sued Ingrid in 2016, since in recent years he did not give the corresponding pension for his children.

“On January 25, 2016, Mr. Fernando sued Mrs. Ingrid for a divorce, asking that the lady pay him 30 or 40 percent of her income and that he not leave the country. This is how this story begins,” said Claudia Ramírez.

Recalling that the driver did not fully cover the payment to his children despite having several properties from which he received rent, he added that his widow is not responsible for paying Del Solar’s debt.