Another controversy! Tuden Christian Chávez for altering the Mexican flag with LGBTQ colors

Christian Chávez in scandal


He did it again! Christian Chávez once again stars in a scandal due to his behavior within the Soy rebelde tour, the ambitious tour with which he returned to the musical stages together with his RBD companions; Anahí, Dulce, Maite and Christopher.

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The singer was first heavily criticized for appearing in one of the group’s shows in the United States, wearing a pink charro suit. Such was the wave of rejection that Christian was forced to ask for forgiveness.

“I’m only making this video for the people who felt offended: I’m so sorry, it’s not a Charro suit, I’m not a charro, it’s an interpretation of Mexicanness like the color Mexican pink, like some parts of Mexico, but it’s a show, I’m not a Charro, I’m not in a Charro competition, I respect that community a lotif they felt offended, I’m sorry, but at no time was it like that,” said the also actor after appearing at the legendary Madison Square Garden.


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After this show, Christian ignited the flame of controversy again. This time, he raising a Mexican flag intervened with the colors symbols of the LGBTIQ community.

The interpreter, openly homosexual, when he finished singing, waved the modified flag and issued a message of acceptance on the stage that also lit up with the colors of the rainbow.

“Thank you for listening and connecting love and respect each other… if not you, who?”expressed Christian Chávez at the bottom of a post on Instagram in which he shared the controversial moment.

Given this, thousands of users on social networks have openly criticized him for “disrespecting national symbols” and demanded that he offer a public apology and receive a sanction.

What does the Mexican law say about the alteration of national symbols?

As stipulated in the legal system, the modification of any patriotic symbol is punishable. The law on the Coat of Arms, the Flag and the National Anthem, in its article 3 establishes what are the characteristics that the national flag must have: “A rectangle divided into three vertical stripes with the colors green, white and red, placing the national coat of arms in the central strip.

In the same law, in article 56, it is established that an infraction is: “Altering or modifying the characteristics of the National Flag established by article 3 of this law.”