Another massive Hamas bombing against Israel left four injured and caused a fire in a residential building in Tel Aviv

He Hamas terrorist group launched a massive barrage of rockets in two rounds on Tel Aviv. Was four injured and a fire in a residential building in the Israeli city. According to the first reports, the most affected injured are two men, one 53 years old and another about 20. Two other people have minor conditions.

The jihadists claimed responsibility for the attack, which included numerous rockets, most of them deflected by the defense system Iron Dome. However, at least two of them hit populated areas, one of them in a building and another in a park.

The brigades Al Qassam The two bombings were claimed “in response to the massacres of civilians” for which they blame Israel, whose army has carried out numerous operations since the brutal jihadist incursion that left more than 1,400 dead in southern kibbutzim and the military bases adjacent to the Gaza Stripfrom where the extremists started.

A room on fire after the Hamas attack on Tel Aviv this Friday

Rocket attacks from the Strip have been a constant since then, but this Friday there was one of the most intense attacks on Tel Aviv since the escalation of the war between Palestinian groups in Gaza – supported by Iran and its Lebanese partners Hezbollah– with the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

As troops gather in the south and launch limited ground operations over Gaza territory, a full-scale invasion is awaited, contained for the moment because jihadists are holding 229 people hostage in the tunnels they have built beneath the surface of the territory they control.

The new balance was communicated by the Army under the command of the Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallantwho insists that the ground operation will be carried out but that the priority is placed on rescuing the hostages.

The terrorists also use the inhabitants of the Strip themselves as human shields, which increases the number of civilian victims of the Israeli offensive that seeks to behead the jihadist military high command.

Ground operation

Over the past 24 hours, the Israel Defense Forces have attacked anti-tank missile launching positions and operational headquarters” of Hamas, as well as its fighters, indicated an Israeli military statement.

According to him ArmyIt is a “selective” operation and “of great scope and depth”, which is part of the preparations for a possible invasion of the coastal territory.

The forces left the area at the end of the mission and no casualties were reported.“said the statement.

Black-and-white video released by the military showed a column of armored vehicles as a dense cloud of dust rose into the sky after the attacks.

This is the second consecutive day in which the Israeli army does a limited raid in Gaza, although he had already done similar ones after the Hamas attack.