Another shooting in Serbia: at least seven dead and the attacker is on the run

Forensic police work after the shooting in the Mladenovac region and neighboring Malo Orasje (REUTERS / Antonio Bronic) (ANTONIO BRONIC /)

At least seven people have died and there are more than a dozen injured after a shooting in the town of dubonnein the region of Mladenovacsouth of Belgrade, while the authorities The alleged perpetrator has not yet been arrested.according to the country’s media.

a man of 21 years he would be the alleged perpetrator of a shooting that began after an argument with a police officer. As reported by the newspaper Vecherne NovostiAfter the brawl, the young man went home for an automatic rifle and shot several people.

At least seven people died (REUTERS / Antonio Bronic)
At least seven people died (REUTERS / Antonio Bronic) (ANTONIO BRONIC /)

Among the deceased would be the police officer with whom he argued and his sister. The emergency services are treating the injured, at least 13. According to the newspaper blicAmong them is a 15-year-old boy.

The authorities have blocked the access roads to the town and, according to the aforementioned newspaper, They have located the alleged murderer, although the arrest has not yet taken place. There is also deployed at least one helicopter that flies over the area, and police operations are being carried out in the nearby municipality of Sepsin.

Mourn victims of Belgrade shooting

A group of people bring flowers to the victims in front of the Vladimir Ribnikar school in Belgrade (AP Photo/Darko Vojinovic) (Darko Vojinovic/)

A large number of Serbian students, many of them dressed in black and carrying flowers, paid a silent tribute on Thursday to his classmates killed the day before when a 13-year-old boy used his father’s guns to carry out a shooting at a school that left nine dead, an incident that shocked the entire country and sparked actions to boost control of Firearms.

Students thronged the streets around the school in the center of Belgrade from different parts of the city. Shortly before, thousands of people lined up to lay flowers, light candles and leave toys to commemorate the eight children and a school guard who were shot dead Wednesday morning.

Many people cried and hugged outside the school as they stopped in front of a pile of flowers, little teddy bears and soccer balls. A gray and pink toy elephant was placed next to the school fence along with sorry messages, and a girl’s ballet shoes hung on the fence.

Young people honored the victims (REUTERS / Antonio Bronic)
Young people honored the victims (REUTERS / Antonio Bronic) (ANTONIO BRONIC /)

The Balkan nation struggles to accept what happened. While littered with firearms left over from the wars of the 1990s, mass shootings remain extremely rare, and this is the first at a school in Serbia’s modern history.

The tragedy also sparked a debate about the general state of the nation after decades of crises and conflicts whose aftermath have created a state of permanent insecurity and instability, as well as deep political divisions.

On Thursday, authorities took steps to boost firearms control, with police urging people to lock up their guns and keep them out of the reach of minors.

Police said Wednesday that the teen used his father’s guns to carry out an attack he planned for a month, drawing sketches of classrooms and making lists of children he planned to kill.

The boy, who had visited shooting ranges with his father and apparently knew the code to the safe, pulled out two pistols that were stored along with the bullets, police added.

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