Anti-Putin partisans challenge the Kremlin: they appeared before the press and said that they advanced 42 kilometers in Russia

Russian fighters opposed to the Russian president Vladimir Putin who have staged an armed incursion from Ukraine into the Russian region of belgorod came to penetrate 42 kilometers into Russian territoryassured today one of the leaders of the attackers.

“Once again, when we cross the border of the Russian Federation, we see that the (Russian) army and political authorities are not prepared for this,” said the leader of the Russian Volunteer Corps (CVR), one of the two formations that have participated in the raid, at a press conference held on the Ukrainian side of the border.

A partisan who participated in the operation in Belgorod (Reuters)

For the leader of the formation, identified by the Ukrainian agency ukrinform as Denis White Rexthe success of the raid demonstrates Russia’s inability to defend the border.

Russian opposition soldiers who raided Belgorod
Russian partisans spoke to a hundred journalists (Reuters)

The CVR commander also assured that the combatants came to control several towns in Belgorod for a day, according to a report ukrinformand denied that dozens of members of the two groups have been liquidated as the Russian authorities claim.

The Russian army declared on Tuesday that it had defeated militants who attacked the Russian border region of Belgorod with armored vehicles the previous day, killing more than 70 “Ukrainian nationalists” and driving the rest back towards the Ukraine.

According to White Rexwho according to Ukrainian media is the former soccer ultra and Russian ultranationalist based in Ukraine Denis Kapustinthe military operation in which the CVR participates continues, although it is not in its most active phase.

The CVR leader also stated that his group managed to destroy military equipment of the Russian armed forces.

Russian opposition soldiers who raided Belgorod
The two formations fighting with the Ukrainian army against the Russian armed forces have the stated goal of “liberating” Russia from Vladimir Putin (Reuters)

On Tuesday, this group had released images showing partisans apparently taking control of a border post and showing the world for the first time the image of Russian citizens actively taking up arms against the Kremlin.

The leader of the other volunteer group involved, the Freedom for Russia Legion, said Russian security forces reacted to the incursion with “panic” and took “several hours” to react.

These two formations fighting with the Ukrainian army against the Russian armed forces have as their declared objective “liberate” Russia from Vladimir Putin and they have the tacit support of the kyiv authorities. Among its leaders are figures of extreme right.

Russian opposition soldiers who raided Belgorod
The incursion of partisans in Belgorod reinforces the position of Ukraine before a possible counteroffensive (Reuters)

According to analysts, the partisan raid on Belgorod strengthens the position of Ukraine against a possible counteroffensive, since it could force the Kremlin to divert troops from the front lines.

kyiv is preparing a major counter-offensive with which it hopes to defeat Russia’s unprovoked war of conquest.

“It shows that the russian border is not defended and this, of course, will cause Russia to divert troops from defensive lines elsewhere in Ukraine to try and reinforce that border,” he stated. Keir Gileswho works on the program on Russia and Eurasia of Chatham Housea prestigious British study center.

(With information from EFE and Reuters)

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