Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General: “Democracy is under threat, authoritarianism is advancing”

Guterres during his speech before the United Nations Assembly (REUTERS/Mike Segar) (MIKE SEGAR/)

The Secretary General of the UN proposed this Tuesday, at the beginning of the 78th period of sessions of the General Assembly, “renew international institutions of the 21st century” that are based “in equity, solidarity and universality” in a speech in which he warned that “democracy is under threat, authoritarianism is advancing and hate speech is on the rise”.

In a world gangrenous by divisions – between economic and military powers, between north and south, and between east and west – there is no alternative but reform of these institutionsotherwise we will go to “greater fragmentation”, he warned; although he acknowledged that it will not be easy because “the reforms are a question of power.”

“We are rapidly approaching a multipolar world. But multipolarity alone cannot guarantee peace. A multipolar world needs robust multilateral institutions,” he said.

For this reason, he added, “the time has come to renew international institutions based on the reality of the 21st century. This means reforming the Security Council to reflect today’s reality. Reform international financial institutions so that they truly support developing countries.”

The Secretary General also warned that “Democracy is under threat. Authoritarianism increases. Hate speech is on the rise”.

“Leaders have the obligation to seek consensus to seek the common good,” he said.

Guterres began with his speech a High Level Week marked by the continuation of the war in Ukraine, which has exacerbated political tensions and deepened economic differences between the countries.

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