Anuel AA makes fun of Karol G’s song with Shakira; criticism rains down on him

Anuel AA mocked Karol G’s song with Shakira and was showered with criticism

Anuel AA made fun of the song “TQG” that Karol G and Shakira released, which generated several criticisms among their followers, as they assure that the reggaeton player became famous only for his relationship with “La Bichota”.

Last week, both Colombians released this song, which would be a hint to their ex-partners.

Remember that Shakira would have dedicated it to Gerard Piqué and Karol G to Anuel AA.
The song caused such a stir that the reggaeton player decided to post a comment on his social networks, which could have been a mockery of his ex-girlfriend. He did it through a questionnaire on Instagram.

«Friendly debate: What is the reason that Anuel AA is so unforgettable? Possible theories: the pearl, the tongue, the incredible sex, all of the above. The pearl, the tongue, the incredible sex and all of the above,” she asked in an Instagram post.

The question launched him with multiple answers, but he ended up answering himself anyway. As if presenting himself hypersexualized made him unforgettable or was decisive in guaranteeing a good relationship.

«My opinion is that this pearl has made me the most unforgettable man on the face of the earth. #heartbreaker.”

These statements were taken as a mockery for Karol G, according to his followers on Instagram. He would have used this message to point out that supposedly the singer has not forgotten him.

“They only used you to create controversy and invoice”, “If it hadn’t been for Karol you would be nobody”, “They kicked you out” and “Not even with the best sex in the world Karol G came back with you”, were some comments.