Anxiety overwhelms Luis Miguel’s brother: his nails gave him away

Alejandro Basteri’s attendance at an event held on November 3 was truly a surprise. Luis Miguel’s brother arrived impeccable from head to toe in a black suit and a big smile that illuminated his face, nor the questions that the media asked him and that could have made him uncomfortable, as if it were true that the remains of his mother had appeared, Luis Miguel’s return to the stage or the rumors of a singer’s wedding, overshadowed how happy he looked, he even had a thermos in his hands, some say he came with the drink.

However, kind and polite, he responded to questions from the press saying that he was not a spokesman for his brothers, and less so for someone as important as El Sol.

Between the hustle and bustle of the media, TVyNovelas managed to capture a revealing image of Alex, in which he shows the nails of his hands visibly affected, which could even be an onychophagia (mania of eating or biting the nails with the teeth), caused for an obsessive-compulsive or anxiety disorder! We present the analysis of the experts.

Alex Basteri has a nail condition


• Dr. Diego Pérez Rojas, a dermatological surgeon, told us that due to the type of nails shown in the image “it could be an onychodystrophy, which is a change in the shape of the nails: they can be made like teaspoons or changes can appear on them. of texture, they can become coarse or brittle”.

• The specialist explained that onychodystrophy can be caused by multiple conditions, and one of them is precisely onychophagia, “which is when people bite or injure their nails (…) In this case we see that the nails are very short, which It could have been caused by some kind of trauma, or onychophagia.”

• Onychophagia can be a manifestation of anxiety, and “it can also be due to something that has to do with impulse control, because there are patients who need to release tension or stress through tics, such as hitting the nail, scratching it, biting it , and even eating the surrounding skins (dermatophagia). When this trauma is constant and has been going on for several years, it can cause a permanent change in the shape of the nails.

• In order to consider a fungal infection or any other type of microorganism, it is important to go to an expert to be able to do a physical examination.

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