Apple car could be on the streets in 2025, here are the details

Apple named its smartwatch software developer as the new car project leader (Photo: Vanarama Design Studio)

After several intermittencies about the development of the apple carIt transpired that the company’s automatic driving project could become a reality and reach the market by 2025.

Bloomberg reported that after the last appointment of Kevin Lynch, who is part of the team of Manzana since 2013 in the area of ​​development of smartwatch and the health software in its devices, it has worked on the autonomous capabilities of the car, since it would not have a steering wheel or pedals.

According to the information platform, Lynch began working on the project earlier this year when he took over the teams that were managing the underlying software.

“Now he is supervising the whole group, which also includes hardware engineering and work on vehicle sensors self-employed, said the people, who asked to remain anonymous because the measure is private ”.

apple car
Some people have made mockups of what Apple‘s car would look like (Photo: Vanarama Design Studio)

This change of leader in the development team gives a shake on the project, since since 2014 there has been intermittent information. During that period there have been some changes of direction, layoffs of engineers and changes in their strategies, all wrapped in a sphere of secrecy.

About Kevin Lynch, Head of Automotive Development

In his career for Manzana, Lynch also became vice president of technology when creating the software watchOS, also leads health programs that include applications Health on iPhone devices. Although it continues to contribute in both sectors, they report that in recent months it has been less active.

Despite this renewal, it is not clear to anyone if in the future Apple will appoint another project leader for the development of its car, known as Titan Project, nor if they will achieve the goal of launching their fully autonomous vehicle on the international market by 2025, the date on which they supposedly estimate the completion of the work.

apple car
Digital render of an unofficial design of the Apple car (Photo: Vanarama Design Studio)

For his part, Field, who took over the project of the Apple car Since 2018, he left his desk since last Tuesday to be a Ford executive in the area of ​​advanced technology. For now, Apple spokesmen have been silent.

Experts point out that although Lynch has a solid career at Apple, his profile is not that of a hardware equipment supervisor, and he has never worked at a company in automobiles, which contrasts with the executives who preceded him.

Steve Zadesky, Apple’s first auto project manager, was a Ford engineer early in his career. On the other hand, Field, before coming to the company was a senior executive at Tesla.

However, this choice of Apple could be a sign that the company is more focused on developing the underlying software and autonomous driving technology rather than the physical mechanics.

Apple car
Several unofficial designs of the Apple car can be found on social networks (Photo: Special)

Bloomberg noted that Manzana still has in its ranks some senior managers who come from the world automotive. Among them are some executives who previously worked at Tesla and lead exteriors and interiors, broadcasts and autonomous driving software.

In early 2021, the brand included Ulrich Kranz, who previously helped lead work on electric cars at BMW and co-founded autonomous car startup Canoo. But the company has lost other managers besides Field.

Despite all the changes and information that has come and gone since 2014, it has emerged that Apple continues to work so that its autonomous driving vehicle can be a reality in 2025.


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