Apple confirms the arrival of Apple Pay in Peru and Argentina

Apple Pay service. (photo: Pocket-lint)

ApplePay is preparing to reach more countries in South America. Apple’s payments service will be available soon in Peru Y Argentina, as announced in the last hours.

Although the Cupertino company has not made an official announcement, it has included the data on the platform website for Latin America.

Apple Pay, soon in Peru and Argentina

If you enter the Apple Pay page, you will be able to see that the page not only says “Available in Costa Rica” but it also incorporates a reference for the arrival of the service in the markets of Peru and Argentina. In any case, it is not yet known when they can be used in these countries or their supposed accessibility to other South American countries.

For South America, Apple Pay is currently only available on Brazil Y Colombia. However, that will soon change.

ApplePay.  (photo:
ApplePay. (photo:

There have been hints of the possibility of the service in Peru, as last week Interbank has published content on this topic; These videos cover how to add your Visa card to Apple’s Wallet app.

However, a short time later, all the documents were withdrawn, indicating that the financial institution had advanced the notice.

Interbank makes a guide to use Apple Pay.  (photo: Pocket-lint)
Interbank makes a guide to use Apple Pay. (photo: Pocket-lint)

In the case of Argentina, the arrival of Apple Pay would add to an ecosystem fintech very developed. Today, the country has several very popular virtual wallets, being MercadoPago (from MercadoLibre) the most used, but with other virtual wallets such as wala Y MODE (the latter belonging to the main banks in the country) with a significant number of users.

And this must be complemented by more and more exchanges of cryptocurrencies that offer prepaid cards with reimbursement in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for each purchase made.

wala.  (photo:
wala. (photo:

Currently in Argentina, the main method of contactless payment with mobile devices is by QR code, not by NFC chip. Even take into account that as of November 2021 the law is already in force in this country. interoperability of QR codes to pay with any virtual wallet.

That is why it is important to see how big Apple Pay is in the market, taking into account the QR payment option that has been rumored since iOS 14.

Apple Pay begins to expand in South America

With the confirmation that Peru and Argentina will soon be added to the list of countries where Apple Pay is available, it stands to reason that the same will happen in the future with other markets in the region. In September of last year, chili briefly benefited from the services of the Californian company.

Banco de Chile has started allowing users to add their cards to Apple Wallet. But nevertheless, it didn’t last long as Apple has yet to announce the service in that country. And although at the end of the year it did include Apple Pay in its terms and conditions of service, there were no further developments in this regard.

Beyond not having an official date for the arrival of Apple Pay in more South American countries, the company’s intentions are clear. Users who have one more option to make contactless payments will always be a welcome possibility.

A person using Apple Pay.  (photo: Maxim Zmeyev)
A person using Apple Pay. (photo: Maxim Zmeyev) (MAXIM ZMEYEV/)

Which banks and cards support Apple Pay

Apple Pay is compatible with most major credit and debit card providers, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Not in vain, the AppleCard from Apple is also supported.

You must use a participating bank, but most major banks now support Apple Pay. You can find a complete list of all supported banks in each country by clicking on the appropriate links below:

– Participating banks in Canada, Latin America and the United States

– Participating banks in Europe and the Middle East

– Participating banks in Asia-Pacific


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