Apple Maps includes a feature that Google Maps has had for business for years

The application will allow stores to have a profile with relevant information.

Apple Maps adds to its platform a function focused on small and medium-sized companies, which will allow them to create a profile so that users who use the application can find information about them.

Apple Business Connect is the name of this new option that will be of great help to businesses, because there they will have the option to create and modify a contact card with relevant data and direct access to their products and services.

This feature comes to the company’s app long after google maps It has incorporated it into its options for years, even with additional tools to improve user interaction by knowing their types of searches and opinions.

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The application will allow stores to have a profile with relevant information.
The application will allow stores to have a profile with relevant information.

Contact cards in Apple Maps

Business information profiles were already available on the platform for a while, however, it was not possible for the owners of the place to edit the information to add important data, so it was a very limited option.

Now businesses have the possibility of adding content such as opening hours, description of the products they offer and shortcuts for customers to make purchases, communicate with the store, among other alternatives.

One of the differential sections is Showcases, that allows companies to show a section of discounts, offers and promotions of their products, something that is not in google maps.

“This feature gives all business owners the tools they need to connect with customers more directly and have more control over how billions of people view and interact with their products and services every day.” he claimed Eddy Cue, Senior Vice President of Services at Apple.

For those places that did not yet appear in the navigation application, they will be given the opportunity to create their profile and for those who already have it, edit it, which will help increase the platform’s database. All this under a verification process by the company to ensure that the information is real and that the store exists.

Traders must enter the platform by creating their Apple ID, ask for verification, then claim your location and create your contact card for free. Those who have more than one office can rely on listing management agencies such as Reputation, Rio SEO, SOCi, Uberall and Yext to be more precise in the process.

The new feature is now available for businesses in USA and in “the next few months” it will be enabled for the rest of the world.

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The application will allow stores to have a profile with relevant information.
The application will allow stores to have a profile with relevant information.

Another novelty for iPhone

As part of an enhancement within the function of the wallet virtual de Manzanathe “pay later” function will be added, which will allow qualified users to make purchases and split their Payments in equal parts up to the next six weeks after the buy.

This function will be able to offer this service without the need to charge commissions or interest according to the macrumors website, which also maintains that payments made in online purchases will be included, either by websites or in Applications within a iphone either iPad.

The “pay later” feature will initially be available in some states of USA and it could be released in the version of iOS 16.4 according to Mark Gurman, journalist specializing in Manzana. It is not ruled out that it may be available in other territories where the function of Apple Pay.

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